What to do in cases of poisoning by mushrooms

The only correct answer to this question is very brief: as soon as possible to ensure the victim adequate medical care. Will whether you call for an ambulance or take poor guy to the emergency room at the nearest hospital depends on the availability of either option. But this is what you must take care of first.

Since we are talking about health, and possibly life, talking about the fact that “to the doctor far away” sound unconvincing, sorry. Supporters of the principle of “want it to be done right, do it yourself” in this case we also have to deviate from their rules. This is a situation when aid must be qualified, professional and as fast as possible.

Why is this happening?

Mushrooms — a source of the problem and its true causes may be quite varied:

  • If you had eaten a poisonous mushroom, the poisoning occurs as the result of toxins (poisons) that it contains. And important: these poisons are also different and the degree of impact, and “target” — organs that are affected first. Accordingly, the different will be and symptoms, and necessary treatment. The forecast, alas…
  • The cause of poisoning can serve improperly prepared mushrooms — edible, and more — conditionally edible. In this case, the toxins made by bacteria, which actively multiply in poorly (incorrectly) processed mushrooms. About such a dangerous disease as botulism, probably, heard many.
  • The problem may be associated with the consumption of poor-quality mushrooms: the old, worm-eaten, collected near highway, industrial facilities and Railways and the like. In the tissues of these fungi accumulate and toxins and salts of heavy metals, resulting in the human body to serious disorders.

What to do in cases of poisoning by mushrooms
The basket of mushrooms could be very dangerous

Finally, there are the individual characteristics of the body: some people do not tolerate mushroom food in General or certain types of mushrooms. So that can happen: sitting at a table together, all ate the same thing and was bad one.

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From the words?

For a correct treatment requires correct diagnosis. And this requires professional skills and laboratory equipment. For example, in case of poisoning by Death cap after the initial illness often experience a visible improvement, and the person feels well. In the body at this time there are changes which can become irreversible if assistance is not provided in a timely manner. The blood analysis allows to notice these processes in time and intervene. But visible symptoms often become apparent too late, when there is acute renal failure, liver failure…

Trying to help the victim yourself, we will inevitably act on the method of “scientific spear”, losing precious time, which he may already be almost gone. Don’t experience in such matters!

What to do in cases of poisoning by mushrooms
If you suspect a poisoning, try to preserve the remnants of meals

Another important conclusion: in cases of suspected mushroom poisoning, keep all that can help to establish the correct diagnosis. Remains of cooked meals, even the dishes in which it is cooked — if the mushrooms are already completely eaten, all can be important.

What can you do before the arrival of the doctor?

It is clear that inaction in such a situation, painfully, and I want to do something to alleviate the suffering of a loved one. The Internet is full of recommendations for first aid in mushroom poisoning. They are all roughly the same type, but I encouraged everyone to first remember the main principle: “do No harm!” and not rush to follow all the tips at once. Force yourself to think, to assess (to the extent possible) the situation as a whole.

So, the most common recommendation for any food poisoning — gastric lavage. The goal is to remove from the body the remains of the poison, not allowing him to continue to enter the blood. At home typically use plenty of warm drinks (up to 1.5 litres of warm water or a weak solution of potassium permanganate, in small SIPS) followed by vomiting (just click on the root of the tongue). If necessary the procedure is repeated until the vomit will not cease to appear signs of food.

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What to do in cases of poisoning by mushrooms
Use water to wash out the stomach

Additionally it is recommended to give the victim a saline laxative (if diarrhea — is not started without assistance) and activated charcoal (1 g per kilogram of body weight) is an effective sorbent that can absorb toxins.

But note: if the victim has symptoms of dehydration, falling blood pressure, seizures, or loses consciousness, their violent activities, we are able to hurt him. Especially risky can be these treatments for people suffering from hypotension (low blood pressure).

Diarrhea and vomiting, a body rapidly loses fluid and it is dangerous. In the hospital, in order to compensate for this deficiency, often used the dropper with the appropriate medicinal solutions, and at home only means — the victim to drink strong tea. However, it’s worth noting that contained in tea tannins have astringent action, which is somewhat contrary to previous Council stimulate diarrhea for bowel…

What to do in cases of poisoning by mushrooms
Strong tea will warm you and make up for fluid loss

Finally, the common Council: a warm heating pad to the legs and belly. Warming of hands and feet, we are reducing the risk of circulatory disorders, which at poisoning with mushrooms is quite high. This is really important. BUT! With all due respect to the sources of the Council, I can’t say about that rule us — the students learned at the time of the old surgeon: if ANY abdominal pain before an accurate diagnosis is shown hunger, cold and quiet. Absolutely no heat on the belly to the examination of the patient by the doctor. If you made a mistake and the cause of illness — not poison, and, say, appendicitis, — a heating pad on the stomach can accelerate to very serious complications including.

By far and absolutely can not give the victim alcohol and independently assign any medications. It is possible and highly desirable to send their forces to find a way to quickly get him to the hospital. Especially if we are talking about a child or elderly person — they usually tolerate poisoning heavier, and the serious consequences they can attack faster than a healthy adult.

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Symptoms of mushroom poisoning

Symptoms of mushroom poisoning are very diverse, and among them, perhaps, there is not one specific, clearly indicating what we are talking about this issue. So remember: you can only assume – diagnosed the doctor. To him and should be called immediately if some time later, after a delicious dinner with mushrooms someone of the guests felt unwell.

What to do in cases of poisoning by mushrooms
Delicious mushroom dish can be a source of problems

You experience the following symptoms (one or several):

  • nausea, vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • abdominal pain
  • dizziness, headache
  • weakness
  • thirst.

In some cases there is profuse sweating, in others, increases salivation. If there is a poison that affects the Central nervous system are possible:

  • hallucinations, delirium
  • arousal, revival or the opposite — lethargy, confusion
  • loss of consciousness.

Possible violations of the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system:

  • a drop in blood pressure
  • shortness of breath, difficulty breathing
  • tachycardia or bradycardia (in other words: the pulse can greatly increase, and can become very rare)
  • and so on…

Specific symptoms depend on the action of the poison, which poisoned the victim, and their intensity — the degree of the lesion and the General condition of the body. Let me remind you: sometimes these symptoms can manifest themselves after quite a long time — a day, sometimes more. And the more time passed from the moment when Was eaten the ill-fated mushroom, the more dangerous to life and health the current situation, so if there is any suspicion on poisoning with mushrooms — immediately to the doctor.

What to do in cases of poisoning by mushrooms
Collect and prepare only well familiar mushrooms

And best of all, of course, prevention. One way to distinguish an edible mushroom from a poisonous one, until now has not been invented.

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