The Intricacies of Determinate Tomatoes in Open Ground

It was the turn to learn about the determinants of hybrids and features of their cultivation.

Usually the first flower brush such hybrids 7-9 is formed over the sheet, sometimes earlier, follow-up brushes — 1-2 leaves.

The Intricacies of Determinate Tomatoes in Open Ground

In the first wave of growth in determinant varieties and hybrids appears 4-7 inflorescences. After the formation of fruits on the lower 2-3 brushes, the second wave of development begins.

Main variants of formation

It is possible to form determinant varieties and hybrids in different ways, there is no universal way. Let’s look at the options.

The Intricacies of Determinate Tomatoes in Open Ground
1. Escape sequel 2. Main stem

Methods of forming determinate tomatoes:
1 — Formation into one stem;
2 — Formation of two stems;
3 — Formation of three stems.

In one stem

The formation of tomato in one stem allows you to get the earliest harvest, of course, if early-ripening varieties and hybrids are planted. In this case, on the main (single) stem, we leave the leaves and inflorescences, and remove all the Stepsons. With this formation, the return of the fruit is low, but they develop intensively and ripen quickly.

To increase the yield per unit area, without delaying the production of early fruits, it is possible to increase the number of plants per 1 m² when planting — to grow 5-6 bushes. With such a thickening, it is best to place the beds from North to South, and the plants themselves in one row.

The Intricacies of Determinate Tomatoes in Open Ground

Two stems

Almost maximum yield with some loss of early ripeness (5-7 days) can be obtained in the formation of plants in 2 sleeves. During the growing season, we remove all the Stepsons on the main stem, leaving only one — in the leaf axils under the first flower brush. From this escape form the second stem, which does not allow the growth of Stepsons.

To obtain the maximum possible harvest, do not forget to stop the development of the “top” in a timely manner (about a month before the onset of cold weather), so that the last fruits ripen or at least completely pour. Depending on the zone of cultivation and the timing of the spread of diseases, such an operation has to be carried out in mid-July – the first decade of August.

The Intricacies of Determinate Tomatoes in Open Ground

Three stems

The maximum yield can be obtained by forming plants in 3 stems. Of course, in the early stages, we are unlikely to remove the first fruits – wait another week. Allowing the regrowth of two shoots during the filling of the fruit on the first brush of the main stem, we push the timing of their maturation.

The Intricacies of Determinate Tomatoes in Open Ground

Having thought over the option of forming your tomatoes in advance, which can delay the ripening period, you can start growing seedlings early.

Option for warm climate

In the southern regions, where the growing season of tomatoes in the open ground is long, for large crops they can be grown as follows. On the main stem leave 4-5 inflorescences, among which we keep 2 stepson. After the completion of the growth of the main stem, the development is continued by the Stepsons left by us. They recommend to remove all the formed brush, but one or two.

The Intricacies of Determinate Tomatoes in Open Ground

Meanwhile, leave 1 more stepson appearing from the sinus of one of the leaves preserved on the main stem. This escape will ensure the further development of the Bush. After the formation of 2 inflorescences stop its growth – leave 2-3 leaves and pinch the “top”. Always keep at the end of each few leaves, which will deliver power to the fruit. For the intensive development of plants do not forget about timely feeding, watering and collection of ripe tomatoes.

In conclusion, it should be said that by giving plants the will — allowing them to grow as they want, you allow the formation of a huge number of nozzles that do not have time to fully develop. Plants lack nutrition, and often also moisture, light and heat. The root system is not able to ensure the development of all fruits, so most of them grow small and ugly, the plants themselves become weak, easily affected by diseases.

The Intricacies of Determinate Tomatoes in Open Ground

Our advice is based on years of experience growing nightshade crops. Following our recommendations, you can always provide your family with a large number of beautiful and delicious fruits.

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