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What You Should Know About Climbing Roses: The Recommendations Of The Professional (Part 1)

Among modern wattled roses, there are real wattled roses (Rambler), Large-flowered Climber, and wattled forms of other groups, United under the name “climbing”. You can also find wattled roses among old roses. Lovers often give their preferences to wattled large-flowered roses — for large flowers of a beautiful shape. However, […]

Everything You Wanted To Know About Hydrangea Paniculata: Answers To Current Questions (Part 1)

Hydrangea paniculata is very popular with gardeners. We have it, like no other decorative culture, very much came to the court-literally and figuratively. Currently, it is probably the number one ornamental perennial plant in popularity. And how not to fall in love with him! Hydrangea paniculata is quite unpretentious, almost […]