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Large-Flowered Clematis x Jackmanii And Clematis Viticella: Care, Varieties, Photos

Bush clematis varieties of the Viticella and Jackmanii groups delight the eye with large flowers and do not require special care. Portrait of a plant The Viticella group includes varieties, one of the “parents” of which is clematis Viticella, in the Jackmanii group, respectively, – clematis Jackmanii. The shoots of […]

Climbing Roses In The Garden: Types, Varieties, Placement, Photos

Wattle roses, which will be discussed, without exaggeration can be considered a great decoration of the garden. Their role in vertical gardening is difficult to overestimate. The abundant flowering, the grace of the plaits that entwine the supports, and the openwork of the inflorescences can be compared with little else. […]

The Care Of Roses From Spring To Fall: Tips For Beginners And Not Only (Part 1)

Experienced gardeners, who have been successfully coping with the tasks and the cycle of Affairs around their favorites for years, have already developed a certain algorithm of actions — and those who recently entered this path are still learning the basics of caring for roses. Here they are, in fact, […]

The Care Of Roses From Spring To Fall: Tips For Beginners And Not Only (Part 2)

Watering requirements Here, too, there are nuances. Novice rose growers who do not yet have their own experience, usually try to adhere to the recommendations contained in other manuals on rose growing. However, some of them are not always justified. Write about the need for regular and fairly frequent watering […]