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Perennial Helenium: How to Plant and Care for (Part 2)

Selection of Ornamental Plant Neighbors Helenium varieties are good in the group and mixborder — without them, perhaps, no autumn flower garden can do. Compact plants (‘Siesta’, ‘Short and Sassy’) are good in containers, they can decorate the summer kitchen, decorate the patio, where they can become a worthy addition […]

Thalictrum: Species And Varieties, Photos. Accommodation In The Garden (Part 2)

What conditions do Thalictrum like? Thalictrum grows better and develops in a sliding penumbra under high-raised sparse crowns of small-leaved species (birch, some forms of willows, Acer tataricum, Acer ginnala, Acer mandshuricum, etc.) on moist soils, preferably with a high level of fertility, but on poor soils it looks very […]