Tag: Homemade DIY Crafts

Christmas Topiary With Pine Cones And Tangerines: a Master Class

Spectacular topiary with cones and tangerines will be a worthy decoration of the festive interior. You will need: The trunk for the topiary Decorative elements of “Mandarin” Accessories for floristry: cones “Cedar” and “Alder” Set of floral natural materials Light green and white sisal fiber Blanks for decoration: foam ball […]

Christmas Crafts From An Old Alarm Clock: Master Class

An old broken alarm clock will turn into an original gift, just show a little imagination! You will need: Old alarm clock Sandpaper Decorative elements: twigs, berries, flowers Stamens for artificial flowers Decorative feathers Blanks for decoration: snowflakes and Christmas trees Decorative half beads Chipboard for scrapbooking with a deer […]

Furniture Made of Cardboard and Paper: the History and Technology of Such

According to anthropologists, the most important feature that distinguishes the genus of Homo sapiens in a large group of primates is a well — developed abstract thinking. A non-standard view of the usual things and the ability to realize this vision can be identified as a distinctive feature of another […]