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How To Plant And Care For Portulaca

1 3 - How To Plant And Care For Portulaca

Surprisingly delicate exquisite flower won the gardeners with its unpretentiousness and naive beauty. Being popular in Europe as early as the Middle Ages, today in many European countries Portulaca grows as a field weed breeding self-sowing. Despite this circumstance, for many gardeners, Portulaca is a welcome guest in a flower […]

Gomphrena Globosa: Varieties and Useful Information

0 11 - Gomphrena Globosa: Varieties and Useful Information

Especially popular now with flower growers Gomphrena Globosa and its dwarf compact varieties. This annual branching plant height 15-45 cm (dwarf varieties – up to 15 cm). Leaves ovate, 5-7 cm long, rigidly pubescent. Spherical inflorescences up to 3.5 cm in diameter consist of small indistinguishable flowers, but the decorative […]

Ricinus: Description, Varieties, Application

90 - Ricinus: Description, Varieties, Application

Ricinus communis is a perennial tree, in culture – is an annual herbaceous plant of the family Euphorbiaceae, with erect, hollow, branched, green, purple or brown-red stems up to 1.8 m. the Leaves are glossy, large, on long petioles, deeply lobed, of various colors: dark green, reddish, blood-red, reddish-brown, with […]