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Oleanders For Garden And Home: An Overview Of The Best Varieties

Oleanders, strewn with flowers of various colors in the heat, have long been a symbol of an unforgettable wonderful holiday. Perhaps only Lagerstroemia and Hibiscus syriacus, blooming at the same time, will dare to challenge the palm of this beautiful evergreen shrub. Oleanders, strewn with hundreds of flowers that look […]

Why Thuja Turns Yellow: Reasons And What To Do

Thuja has thoroughly “registered” in many gardens. Successful compositions with the participation of different species of this plant were observed by designers in European parks and private estates, where this wonderful conifer settled back in the XVI century. As a rule, varieties of Thuja occidentalis are planted, but there are […]

Cypress And Its Relatives: Features Of Cultivation And Reproduction

We continue our excursion into the wonderful world of exotic plants. And today I am very pleased to introduce you to the charming representatives of the Cupressaceae family. They are one of the most spectacular structure-forming trees. They are luxurious in a wide variety of compositions, especially in contrast. It […]