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The Leaves Of a Fan: The Species Of Ferns And Their Characteristics

Amazing ferns with filigree leaves-fronds with gardeners in a special account. They are able to transform any shady corner and create a magical atmosphere in the garden, similar to the one that reigned in ancient times. These legendary decorative-leaved perennials fascinate and capture from the moment of their “birth”: young […]

Geraniums Are Not Pelargoniums! Types And Varieties Of Geraniums (Part 1)

It’s all Carl Linnaeus’s fault. It was he who, without seeing much difference, United Geranium and Pelargonium into one genus, and with his light hand the confusion still continues. Of course, taxonomists have long understood everything, but many novice Amateur florists are still wrong. In fact, there are “two big […]

Geraniums Are Not Pelargoniums! Types And Varieties Of Geraniums (Part 2)

Geranium sanguineum It is widespread in Europe, differs in strongly dissected openwork leaves, forms rounded bushes from 20 to 40 cm high or grows as a loose carpet (depending on the variety). Blooms from mid-July for 30-40 days with large Carmine-red flowers, has decorative forms with white, pink, purple-purple flowers. […]

The Love For Alchemilla Is Easy To Explain – Take A Look At Their Leaves In The Early Morning

These cute and unpretentious perennials are becoming more and more welcome guests of our cottages. Once settled, they live with us for many years, quickly fill empty spaces in flower beds, give a special charm to garden paths, grow well and look good in pots. The love for Alchemilla is […]

Hellebores – Well-Known And Almost Unknown (Part 2)

Helleborus orientalis and its varieties And here is another famous Helleborus orientalis. It grows in mountain forests. The species is very variable. Sometimes it is divided into three separate ones: Helleborus abchasicus with bright pink flowers, Helleborus guttatus with greenish-white speckled flowers, and Helleborus orientalis ssp. proper orientalis = Helleborus […]