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Tomato Seedlings: How To Prepare The Soil And Properly Plant Plants In a Permanent Place

We have already shared with you our secrets of growing tomato seedlings — we told you about the agrotechnics of sowing seeds to obtain high-quality and healthy young plants, and about the subsequent correct picking of seedlings. But that concern gardeners are just beginning. We still have a very important […]

The Leaves Of a Fan: The Species Of Ferns And Their Characteristics

Amazing ferns with filigree leaves-fronds with gardeners in a special account. They are able to transform any shady corner and create a magical atmosphere in the garden, similar to the one that reigned in ancient times. These legendary decorative-leaved perennials fascinate and capture from the moment of their “birth”: young […]

What Is What: a Brief Overview Of Substrates And Additives For Garden Soil

Blue Cambrian clay and river sand, agrovermiculite and coconut fiber, zeolite and sapropel-the untrained buyer is confused by the mysterious names of substrates and incomprehensible substances, and the descriptions of their properties merge into one. Therefore, before you start home farming, or rather farming, let’s see what you may need […]