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Terry Tulips: a Selection Of The Most Spectacular Varieties (Part 1)

Tulips are perhaps the main decoration of a spring flower bed. Early and late are all good in their own way. But especially impressive are tulips with lush flowers — terry. Skillfully selecting varieties with different flowering dates, you will admire the tulip extravaganza for several weeks! Today we have […]

Terry Tulips: a Selection Of The Most Spectacular Varieties (Part 2)

Terry Late Class Its representatives are no less spectacular than their early “relatives”. We will pay a little more attention to the varieties of this class, since there is no material dedicated to them on our website yet. ‘Angélique’ A very beautiful named tulip. Since it was created in 1959, […]

Cypress And Its Relatives: Features Of Cultivation And Reproduction

We continue our excursion into the wonderful world of exotic plants. And today I am very pleased to introduce you to the charming representatives of the Cupressaceae family. They are one of the most spectacular structure-forming trees. They are luxurious in a wide variety of compositions, especially in contrast. It […]

Nepeta: Planting, Care And Successful Combinations

Among the representatives of Nepeta, who have found application in culture, there are also very spectacular beauties, and species with a rather modest appearance. Both deserve our attention, and there are many reasons for this. Nepeta-spicy-aromatic plants that attract bees and butterflies. Their leaves with shades of silver perfectly complement […]

Plant-Barometer: How To Grow Alocasia

It is very interesting for me to observe and explore the world of magnificent tropical plants on my windowsill. I was particularly interested in a representative of the Araceae family-alocasia ‘Black Velvet’. Its luxurious leaves with a burgundy underside sparkle with black-green velvet, on which the veins-“spiders” in the middle […]