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Giant Vegetables On Display In Harrogate (England)

The beginning and middle of autumn is the time for traditional harvest festivals, flower shows and competitions for the largest vegetable around the world. Last year, in mid-September, the traditional autumn flower show was held in Harrogate (Yorkshire, England). The Harrogate Autumn Flower show 2019 is the main autumn gardening […]

What You Should Know About Climbing Roses: The Recommendations Of The Professional (Part 1)

Among modern wattled roses, there are real wattled roses (Rambler), Large-flowered Climber, and wattled forms of other groups, United under the name “climbing”. You can also find wattled roses among old roses. Lovers often give their preferences to wattled large-flowered roses — for large flowers of a beautiful shape. However, […]

Everything You Wanted To Know About Hydrangea Paniculata: Answers To Current Questions (Part 1)

Hydrangea paniculata is very popular with gardeners. We have it, like no other decorative culture, very much came to the court-literally and figuratively. Currently, it is probably the number one ornamental perennial plant in popularity. And how not to fall in love with him! Hydrangea paniculata is quite unpretentious, almost […]