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How To Cover Hydrangea For Winter: Popular Ways (Part 1)

Hydrangeas are firmly established in our gardens. And what would we do without them — without such festive luxuriant beauties having a lot of varieties and varieties! Despite the rather large number of species, Hydrangea arborescens and Hydrangea paniculata are most often found on our sites. More sophisticated gardeners boldly […]

How To Cover Hydrangea For Winter: Popular Ways (Part 1)

The main method of hiding Hydrangea macrophylla So, let’s consider how and with what it is possible and necessary to insulate this variety of hydrangeas. Competent preparation of heat-loving plants for winter should always take place in several stages. First of all, it is important to properly bring them to […]

Phytophthora: Everything You Wanted To Know About Her, And What You May Not Even Have Guessed

Late blight is a terrible word for a gardener. Almost everyone had to experience all the hardships of fighting this scourge. Every year, an insidious disease deprives summer residents of peace and a good half of the harvest. What to do, how to protect tomatoes? Unfortunately, there are no radical […]