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How To Plant And Care For Scilla

Scilla belongs to the family of Asparagus, although earlier it was referred to as Lilein or Hyacinth. Growing scilla Scilla landing Thanks to its unpretentiousness, Scilla is a welcome guest in alpine hills, rockeries and all kinds of flower gardens. Many use Scilla for forcing under the New Year, planting […]

How To Plant And Care For Portulaca

Surprisingly delicate exquisite flower won the gardeners with its unpretentiousness and naive beauty. Being popular in Europe as early as the Middle Ages, today in many European countries Portulaca grows as a field weed breeding self-sowing. Despite this circumstance, for many gardeners, Portulaca is a welcome guest in a flower […]

How To Plant And Care For Artemisia Dracunculus

Artemisia dracunculus-one of the species Mugwort, the only, not possession bitterness. Also called tarragon. Tarragon is used as a seasoning in national dishes of different countries. Landing of tarragon When planting, try to highlight areas with direct sunlight. Tarragon does not tolerate soil with excess moisture, clay and heavy. Suitable […]

How To Plant And Care For Prunus Padus

Landing Prunus Padus Prunus padus, by and large, unpretentious. I remember from my childhood that in our village Prunus padus grew up in the wild, and every year in may-early June all the trees without care and special soil fertility were strewn with flowers from top to bottom. However, many […]