Crafts from Ordinary Wine Stoppers

To make the interior brighter and more expressive, to bring in the missing warmth and a certain zest, it is not necessary to spend large sums. Add comfort to any home will help decorative elements that can easily be made on their own. Today we will focus on the amazing material, rather simple products from it, which can be used not only for its intended purpose — the cork.

It’s time to give a new life to the corks. By the way, not only wine, but also any other corks, which often remain after the holiday feasts, are suitable for crafts. If you do not have a stock of these products, then buy them now is not a problem, they are sold in unlimited quantities.

Crafts from Ordinary Wine Stoppers
Corks are made from the bark of only a few species of trees

Cork oak, from the bark of which, in fact, is made cork for wine, champagne, cognac, grows mainly in the Mediterranean. The main supplier of this material in Portugal, where oak plantations reach 2 million hectares. But to meet the cork oak can also in Spain, Morocco, Algeria and several other countries. During the year, the world harvested about 350 thousand tons of cork oak bark, but even this amount is sorely lacking. That is why, in addition to the cork oak, for the manufacture of substitutes tube use other types of trees such as Balsa pyramid, Amur cork tree and Hibiscus lipofilny. Of course, made of these trees cork inferior in quality made of cork, but for crafts they are also suitable.

Oak bark, from which they make cork, begin to remove only when the tree reaches 20 years of age. It is removed about once every 10 years, that is how much time it takes to restore it. With one tree at the age of 180-200 years, remove about 200 kg of bark. Highest quality are tube, for the manufacture of which used the bark of 50-year-old trees.

Crafts from Ordinary Wine Stoppers
Removed from the tree bark throughout the year give lie down

Cork bark is an excellent natural polymer, and this is the uniqueness of this material. In addition, it is completely waterproof, durable, elastic and elastic, so is able to quickly restore the original shape even after the provision of strong pressure on it.

The process of production of corks is quite time-consuming and consists of several stages. First, removed from the tree bark for a year to be allowed to lie in a specially provided for this room. Further, the bark is exposed to high temperatures, after which it is cut into layers, then into small strips. Directly from these strips and made tube cylindrical shape, which is polished and impregnated with wax. From cork crumbs and wood glue also make cork, not whole, and pressed.

Crafts from Ordinary Wine Stoppers
Manufacture of one-piece cortical tubes

Numerous advantages of the material and unusual appearance made cork interesting object for creativity — they are very popular among fans to make various crafts with their own hands. Below are just a few options for using cortical plugs, but they can be much more, it all depends on your desire and imagination.

Stand under the hot

From cork you can make an original stand under the hot. Such a spectacular (but amazingly practical) thing will undoubtedly become the highlight of any kitchen interior.

Crafts from Ordinary Wine Stoppers
From cork you can make the original stand under the hot

To make the stand you will need:

  • corks, the number of which will depend on the desired size of the stand;
  • a thin metal strip with a width of about 1 cm;
  • rivets to secure the ends of the strip together;
  • glue to glue the plugs together;
  • sharp knife.

Operating procedure:

  1. Because the plugs often vary in size, they need to be cut carefully. This should be done so that the length is the same.
  2. Then each smear with glue (on all length) and in turn connect with each other.
  3. Attaching the tube to each other, gradually get a craft of a given shape.
  4. Ready stand give time to dry.
  5. Pull together its metal strip (it will give the stand under the hot greater strength and securely connect the parts together), which can be fastened with rivets.

Important: Cut the plugs only need a sharp knife, otherwise they can crumble.

On the same principle of cork can make a stand for any hot form and type.

Crafts from Ordinary Wine Stoppers
Stand under the hot can be of any shape-it all depends on your desire

It can be made in the form of a square or a triangle, a star or a heart.

Crafts from Ordinary Wine Stoppers
Heart-shaped decoration made of cork

By the way, this kind of crafts will perfectly cope with the role of a decorative element that can be put on the table or hung on the wall.

Picture and photo frames

Decorate a frame for a photo or a picture of cork is also easy. Just glue the corks ready-made photo frame on the edge.

Crafts from Ordinary Wine Stoppers
Decorate the frame with cork is easy

You can place them in one or several rows, pick up the plugs of different colors-the design depends entirely on your imagination. As soon as the glue dries, you can safely insert your favorite photo into the original frame.

If there is no ready frame, you can make it yourself.

Crafts from Ordinary Wine Stoppers
Decorate a frame for a photo or a picture of cork is also easy

For the manufacture of the frame will require:

  1. cork stopper;
  2. a small piece of cortical Wallpaper;
  3. a bit of thin plywood;
  4. sharp knife;
  5. scissors;
  6. glue;
  7. jigsaw.

Operating procedure:

  1. Made of plywood with a jigsaw, cut out the frame the right size and shape.
  2. From cork Wallpaper scissors cut another frame exactly the same size and shape. The plywood thoroughly smeared with glue, then put on her frame of cork Wallpaper and carefully press them towards each other (on some time, put them under press).
  3. Cork is cut with a sharp knife in half lengthwise.
  4. Each of the halves is smeared with glue and glued to the frame on top of cork Wallpaper.
  5. The finished frame is allowed to dry completely.

No less original frame can be made using cork and burlap made of natural fibers.

Crafts from Ordinary Wine Stoppers
Frame of cork and burlap

For the manufacture of the frame will require:

  • cork stopper;
  • a small piece of natural fiber burlap;
  • a bit of thin plywood;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • jigsaw.

Operating procedure:

  1. From plywood paintings jigsaw cut the workpiece of the desired size and shape.
  2. Of burlap with scissors cut out the exact same detail.
  3. The plywood thoroughly coat with glue, put it on the billet of burlap, tightly.
  4. Along the edge of the frame, with the same glue, fasten cork.

Plugs will be useful to create an original frame for the mirror.

Crafts from Ordinary Wine Stoppers
Framework for mirrors, too, can be done from tubes

Placing them in different order, you can get a very nice frame.

Decorative panel

All the same cortical plugs are used to create wall panels: it can be made in one technique or several, from one material or different. With plugs look very organic variety of natural materials: moss and dry leaves, cones and acorns, nuts and decorative fruits.

Crafts from Ordinary Wine Stoppers
Traffic organic look of various natural materials

When choosing a material, the main thing to consider is that the panel style is suitable for the room that will be decorated.

Decorative figures

Cork is the best fit for the manufacture of decorative figures, which also decorate the interior, making it more alive.

The company of funny snowmen will help to create a festive mood for the New year.

Crafts from Ordinary Wine Stoppers
Cortical plugs are suitable for making decorative figures

A romantic couple in love will be appropriate at any time of the year.

Crafts from Ordinary Wine Stoppers
Funny cork lovers always cause a good smile

Time for the manufacture of such crafts will take a little, even if you do them for the first time.


From cork are of amazing beauty decorative candlesticks, which are very simple to perform.

Crafts from Ordinary Wine Stoppers
From corks out the amazing beauty of decorative candle holders

For the manufacture of candle holder you will need:

  • cork stopper;
  • glass transparent vase with wide neck;
  • glass candle holder;
  • segment of silk ribbon (optional);
  • additional decor (optional).

Operating procedure:

  1. In an empty vase to put the candle.
  2. The empty space is filled with traffic jams.
  3. The neck of the vase tied with a ribbon. If desired, you can add other decorative elements — attach a ribbon sprig of spruce or bunch of viburnum, a bouquet of dried flowers or a few sticks of cinnamon.

And you can just fill a beautiful transparent vase cork stoppers — get very stylish.

Crafts from Ordinary Wine Stoppers
Cork in a glass vase-simple and stylish

If there is no transparent vase, you can replace it with a basket of vines or wire.


From cork can be made not only beautiful and unusual, but also extremely comfortable tray.

Crafts from Ordinary Wine Stoppers
Cortical plugs will be useful for making a tray

To do this, around the perimeter of the tray with glue attached several rows of cork. Wait until the product dries, and used for its intended purpose.


If you have a fair amount of cork, you can make unusual curtains. For their production in each tube to drill a small hole. After that, the plugs are strung on a solid thread or fishing line. Several such strings with corks and form unusual blinds.

Crafts from Ordinary Wine Stoppers
If you have a lot of cork, you can make unusual curtains

We have offered you only a few options for the use of cork for interior decoration, in fact, they are much more. Be creative, create! And do not forget to show your crafts in the comments!

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