Fertilizing Tomatoes During Fruiting

All of us, summer residents, want to grow a bountiful harvest of delicious tomatoes. But you need to provide our plants with the necessary nutrition and protection. Timely and proper fertilizing tomatoes is a must for great health.

Tomato is a very tasty and healthy vegetable! There are thousands of varieties of tomatoes for open ground, greenhouses and even for growing at home! Growing tomatoes is a fascinating, but not an easy task. You need to know the technology, features, methods and techniques of agricultural tomato cultivation. About

During fruiting plants no longer have a special need for nitrogen fertilizers. Their excess at this time should be avoided so that tomatoes do not begin to “fatten”, that is, to grow a lush green mass to the detriment of fruit formation.

During the active appearance of the ovaries and pouring the fruit, it is important to give other elements such as potassium, boron, manganese and iodine. They are necessary for the formation of a large number of fleshy fruits with a high sugar content.

It is not necessary to buy complex fertilizers in garden stores, fertilizing for tomatoes during their fruiting can be made independently. The following composition works well: 1.5 l of sifted wood ash, 10 g of boric acid (powder), 10 ml of iodine per 10 liters of water.

Fertilizing Tomatoes During Fruiting

To prepare the nutrient solution, pour the ash into a suitable container (bucket) and pour 2 liters of boiling water. Boric acid is poured into a separate small bowl (jar) and pour hot water, as it is well soluble powder.

After cooling, pour both ingredients and iodine into a ten-liter bucket and add it to the top with water. Then mix everything and insist for one day.

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Fertilizing Tomatoes During Fruiting

For irrigation of tomatoes, the infusion is again stirred and bred in the proportions of 0.5 l per 10 liters of water. Approximate consumption per plant-1.5-2 l. this feeding is recommended greenhouse tomatoes 1 every 2 weeks, and growing in the open ground-1 time a week. Before applying the solution, the plants should be watered.

Growing tomatoes is a fascinating process, on our website these wonderful plants are given a lot of attention. Specifically about feeding and secrets of growing delicious tomatoes you can read in the following publications:

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