How to Make a Chimney for Solid Fuel Boiler

Quietly winter holidays close to the middle. Very soon will begin the traditional suburban planting troubles. But while the street is cold and ahead is still expected February frosts. Comfort and coziness in the home are associated with warmth. And whether it is enough in a country house, directly depends on the heating equipment and its correct installation.

One of the important elements of a solid fuel boiler is a chimney. Compliance with all the rules of its installation is the key not only to the stable efficient operation of the equipment, but also the fire safety of the building. Therefore, consider how to make a chimney for solid fuel boiler.

The chimney of the boiler — not for Santa Claus

Everyone knows that Christmas and new year’s character Santa Claus enters the house to please the children with gifts through the chimney.

How to Make a Chimney for Solid Fuel Boiler

However, when the device of the chimney for the boiler it is necessary to pay attention not to create facilities for the old fat guy in the red jacket, so he comfortably put the bag with gifts, and the technical recommendations of the manufacturer of the boiler and fire safety Rules.

Combustion in liquid fuel or gas units is stimulated by forced draft devices, and solid fuel boilers mostly use natural, that is, their operation is not too different from the operation of an ordinary furnace. So, the correct structure of the chimney is an important part of the process of installation of the equipment.

How to Make a Chimney for Solid Fuel Boiler

Size matters

For stable operation of the boiler or any other equipment, the principle of which is based on the combustion of solid fuel, the size of the chimney (namely its cross section and height) are of paramount importance.


Manufacturers on their devices make the pipe of the chimney is this, and not a different size, not because they wanted to, in stock in the presence of pipes of this diameter or so the boiler has a more elegant design. The cross section of the chimney depends on the volume of the combustion chamber and the boiler device. Therefore, do not neglect the values specified by engineers, and narrow or expand the smoke channel.

How to Make a Chimney for Solid Fuel Boiler

If the internal size of the flue channel is less than required, the combustion products will not have time to be removed, and the heating device will begin to smoke, and the flame will go out. It’s like entering the subway at rush hour: the capacity of the lobby doors is less than the influx of passengers.

But it will be bad and if the chimney is much wider than necessary: the surface layers of the laminar flow of flue gases at the edges in an excessively free space will begin to swirl — there is turbulence.

Turbulent swirls inhibit the main flow of gases, as a result — again the poor operation of the heat generator and Smoking. In an extreme case, if for some reason it is not possible to install the chimney of the desired cross section, the parameters can be changed to a smaller or larger side within 5-10% of the recommended. And it is preferable-still in large.

How to Make a Chimney for Solid Fuel Boiler


The second important parameter is the height of the chimney. The thrust in the pipe of the flue channel is formed due to air vacuum (according to Archimedes ‘ law). The optimal length of the chimney, as well as the cross section, depends on the model of the boiler, its power and design features, so be sure to specify the manufacturer in the product passport, for example, in the form of the minimum allowable value.

When calculating the height of the pipe, note that in addition to the technical parameters of the boiler, its smooth operation is also affected by the specific location of the house (prevailing wind, terrain) and the weather outside the window. Summer and rainy season traction will be worse than in clear winter days: installing the chimney in the cold period, keep in mind that for the summer time its height may be insufficient.

As a rule, the standard model boilers require a minimum height of the pipe is not less than 5 m. This length provides the necessary thrust for the emergence of a vacuum.

How to Make a Chimney for Solid Fuel Boiler

The operation of the boiler is also affected by the location of protruding elements next to the pipe, for example, the roof ridge. High design can create wind backwater worsen or even tipping cravings. If the chimney pipe has a large height above the roof (above 1200 mm), it is necessary to arrange stretch marks, securely fixing the chimney structure.

How to Make a Chimney for Solid Fuel Boiler

Be careful on the turns

Traction force can be lost and cornering: the more and they are steeper, the force is less, and therefore harder to remove the boiler combustion products-it works worse. Bad influence on the combustion process and long horizontal sections. The best option is a vertical chimney. However, in reality this condition is usually difficult to fulfill.

When designing the location of the smoke channel, try to minimize pipe turns — there should be no more than three. If without them it is impossible to do, it is preferable to do bends of the channel at an angle less than 90°.

How to Make a Chimney for Solid Fuel Boiler

If no corners or horizontal sections to arrange the fireplace does not work, make sure the boost phase is the vertical segment of length at least 1 m immediately after the exit pipe from the boiler. The accelerating section will help to establish traction, and then the smoke will already go “on the rolled” path.

Of course, all elements must have a secure mount to the support and a sealed connection between them. Whatever material was chosen for the device of the chimney, the total weight of the pipe is very significant, so it should not rely on the boiler. Installation of the chimney should be made with the support of a special console.

To each his own

If in the house several heat-generating devices are installed, for each device it is required to mount a separate flue, or their connection should be made through a common compensating collector. Its parameters are calculated depending on the power of the connected units.

How to Make a Chimney for Solid Fuel Boiler

It is not necessary to remove the smoke exhaust duct in the ventilation system. Arrange the chimney pipe should be so that its output was above the ventilation pipe, and was placed at a certain distance from the Windows – not less than 400 mm.

Why chimney “fur coat”

The chimney pipe can pass indoors, in the wall or on the outside of the wall.

How to Make a Chimney for Solid Fuel Boiler

If the flue channel passes along a wall on the street, it surely has to have warming of sufficient thickness that gaseous products of combustion did not cool down too quickly from contact with cold walls of a pipe. Cooling, flue gases slow down their movement, and therefore worsen traction. In addition, the sharp cooling of gases leads to an increase in the amount of condensate formed.

How to Make a Chimney for Solid Fuel Boiler

However, heat-insulated pipes are better to use in the case of the pipe in the room. The heat of the exhaust gases in solid fuel boilers is already selected as much as possible by the heat exchanger, but it is useful to increase the efficiency of the device.

How to Make a Chimney for Solid Fuel Boiler

As already mentioned, in solid fuel boilers exhaust gas temperature is much lower than in furnaces or fireplaces. Therefore, despite the heat insulation of the chimney, condensate is still formed. For this reason, the chimney of the boiler is always equipped with a condensate collector — a device that accumulates condensate and allows it to be drained periodically.

Your fire safety is in your hands

When installing a solid-fuel boiler and a chimney, remember that even the most high-tech device has a real fire inside. Follow the rules of selection and installation of chimneys and do not forget to clean it regularly — at least before the start of each heating season. To clean from soot and condensate in the chimney must be equipped with cleaning holes.

How to Make a Chimney for Solid Fuel Boiler

Attention to details and observance of construction and sanitary rules and fire regulations at the device of a flue for a solid — fuel boiler will save you from a fire and will make work with the equipment comfortable, and service of a copper-long-term and effective.

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