Interesting Design of the Garden

Traditionally, vegetables are planted in the garden. But in a regular garden in many depressing: you want something unusual, beautiful, and there boring monotonous hills. But the garden is too different! Yes, not every option is suitable for growing a large crop, but not everyone needs a big harvest! So let’s look at how you can decorate your garden.

Popular ornamental gardens is not an invention of our days. Beautifully planted vegetables began long ago — this tradition dates back from the monastery and Apothecary gardens. Today is a classic example of high garden art serve decorative French gardens of Villandry castle.

Actually, we are talking about the arrangement of the beds in the regular style. With the right approach they will require time, effort and Finance, mainly at the first stage — when all that you need to carefully plan, to lay, to decorate. Subsequently, look for these gardens and maintain them in order to be as easy and maybe easier than usual. But such a garden be placed in the front area — so it is attractive.
Interesting Design of the Garden

For the regular style is characterized by clean lines, balanced geometric shapes and of course, impeccable accuracy. So the paths in this garden or paved, or covered with fine gravel, sand and similar materials. The beds themselves can be flush with the soil surface or to rise above it. In the second case they are the lines that played a decorative role, and at the same time allows the soil to crumble. Due to the beautiful borders raised beds look elegant and original.
Interesting Design of the Garden

This layout is perfect for a vegetable garden is a small plot of spice and medicinal herbs. They are very comfortable small gardens and to place such beauty near the kitchen and next to the entertainment area, to greens, to barbecue was always at hand.

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For those who want to design herb garden in a more natural style, suitable variant of the spiral ridges, resembling rockery. When it was created it is important to correctly position plants that they were comfortable in such conditions, because the different levels of the garden soil moisture and light conditions will be different.
Interesting Design of the Garden

Now a high pitch, the garden that are not only beautiful but also convenient. In order to take care of plants on them, do not stoop low, and this is a big plus. But there is a downside: the soil in the high raised beds dries faster than usual, so they need to be watered more often. In hot, dry weather is not the best option for garden construction. But in low areas, where water often becomes stagnant and the soil is fertile, high garden can become a real salvation.

High often do so-called warm beds. It’s not just a box with lots in it soil is a complex system, a sort of “layer cake”, “filling” which is the plants source of food and warmth.

Warm garden constructed at the soil surface, not buried in it, or with a deep. In the first case, sometimes not even removed the sod, stacking layers of the future garden beds directly on the raw soil. Second, dig a small pit the size of a garden and in it lay the first layers of fuel. This option is suitable in case if the site is not flooded in spring, but ground water table is deep enough.

However, the recommended number of layers may vary. It is important that there was a rough, voluminous, long decaying material, which, among other things, serves as a drainage layer. Then put shredded paper, cardboard, over which you can put food waste, and crop residues. Top definitely sprinkle “filling” of Mature compost and gardening soil, which is already planted plants.

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This garden is several years without requiring special care. But it is advisable to prepare it in the autumn, covered with a winter mulch of straw or non-woven material. At the bottom of the box (or the pit, if the garden is recessed) is desirable to put chicken wire metal mesh inside to not have mice or other rodents.

A warm garden can be done not only in the form boxes, but in the form of a hill — in this case, the vegetables are planted in rows across the surface of the ground. This allows to increase the area of planting — garden beds-hills contain more vegetables than the garden-boxes. In General, the garden does not necessarily have a rectangular shape. It can be, for example, like this:
Interesting Design of the Garden

And popular round gardens. And this is the case when the shape can play a role purely decorative and purely practical.
Interesting Design of the Garden

Round gardens will fit smaller than square or rectangular, that is, planted area will decrease. But there are a lot of advantages. For example, originality and decorative, like this:
Interesting Design of the Garden

Interesting idea round warm gardens. It is a snap. Taken plastic film (sleeve). On prepared site is planned circle whose diameter corresponds to the size of the film sleeve. Set in the centre of the pole-pole up to a height of 180-200 cm (depending on what the plant is supposed to grow). Around the circumference of the pegs are mounted low support, which stretches the lower part of the film. Then, the resulting bed is filled with organic raw material and soil. After planting the vegetables soften and the film is fixed on top of the pole-pole, forming a greenhouse-tent.
Interesting Design of the Garden

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For those who have small plots can be interesting vertical gardens of various designs. And here, too, combines the practical and decorative: vertical beds of very original and beautiful, especially in the successful selection of crops for them, and plants in their area fits more than the same level ground.
Interesting Design of the Garden

But, as in the case of high gardens, it should be borne in mind that the soil in these constructions (especially if we are talking about small containers) dries very quickly. Need to use drip irrigation or water-holding capacity of litter, such as hydrogel, which is mixed with the soil for planting.
Interesting Design of the Garden

For small vertical garden will fit and such here unexpected buildings:
Interesting Design of the Garden

Simple vegetable borders of lettuce, parsley, carrots is easy to do on any garden plot, and they look very original and elegant. Well, if you want something more sophisticated, here is another example:
Interesting Design of the Garden

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I’ve seen that drawer idea a few times on gardening blogs and I really like it! I’m tempted to take some furniture from the house to do it as I don’t really have any junk furniture.