Amazing Davidia Involucrata ‘Vilmoriniana’

It’s time to bloom Davidia Involucrata ‘Vilmoriniana’.

The whole year this tree is invisible, but when it blooms, it seems that a flock of white pigeons descends on its branch or someone dresses it in white handkerchiefs, rolled up in a triangle. The tree is so unusual that it is separated into an independent family of Davidia. The name of the plant was given in honor of the outstanding French monks – “plant hunters”. If you see this unusual flower, you realize that the beauty is not in the flowers, but in the white bracts of the leaves that cover each inflorescence.

Amazing Davidia Involucrata ‘Vilmoriniana’

With the slightest breath of wind, all this floral decoration is set in motion, and it seems that a flock of white pigeons flies away, flapping their wings. Here is such a view, for example, in Ukraine this is the only case of Davidia.

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