Ants And Cones — a Clever Remedy For Ants

We all come to the dacha in the spring with great pleasure, looking forward to the new season. Unfortunately, with the arrival of heat, not only plants Wake up, but also the most malicious pests of the garden and garden. And it is not caterpillars and aphids, weevils and slugs: most of all on the land we are annoyed by ants. How do you defeat this army of bugs that nibbles on flower petals, spoils beds, brings whole crowds of aphids on young shoots, and just bites? There is a solution!

Pest control

It is best to start fighting ants at the beginning of the season. If you try to immediately clear the site of pests, then then all summer you will be calm about this. Ants can be noticed as soon as the ground dries up and warms up. Immediately we see traces of their life activity and their own. Especially suffer owners of flowerbeds made of stone, raised beds and similar structures: like ants “rough terrain”.

Ants And Cones — a Clever Remedy For Ants

Ants are a special case. As a rule, funds designed to fight aphids, Colorado beetles, and caterpillars do not work on ants. They are very difficult to access, so sometimes even specialized drugs can not defeat them.

When you find a tool that will help

If you have a tool that works flawlessly.

Ants And Cones — a Clever Remedy For Ants

It is enough to find an anthill, dig it out a little and fill it with bait. Then sprinkle again. Everything! You do not need to do anything else — the next day you will not find ants in this place. The tool is powerful, and it is very easy to use.

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What to do in difficult cases

You may ask what to do if there are a lot of ground ants on the plot that can’t find the main house — for example, holes in the lawn or on the path. And it is possible to get rid of such complex pests. To do this, you need to collect them all in one place, and then win. Landscape design will help us.

What do ants like, what places are they attracted to, where do they want to live? Where there are a lot of bumps! Make a platform on your site where these harmful insects will crawl. To do this, you will first need to collect the cones. Then select a suitable place and mark the filling boundary, for example, using a plastic wrap. After falling asleep cones allocated space.

Ants And Cones — a Clever Remedy For Ants

Now it’s time to use the active drug. Rake the cones in several places, sprinkle the ground there with ready-made poisonous bait and fall asleep with the cones again. Now the ants have got the place of their dreams, where the poison is waiting for them. And you have an original module made of natural material that simultaneously helps to fight pests in the garden and garden.

Ants And Cones — a Clever Remedy For Ants

Now you know a reliable and at the same time easy way to get rid of the most malicious and difficult to access pest of the garden and garden. Do this once, and the whole summer season ants will not bother you.

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