Autumn Treatment Of Trees And Shrubs: Main Issues

Every day it gets colder, with Apple and pear leaves fly around the last-the garden gradually falls asleep. The day is still almost summer hot, but sometimes in the morning on the grass is already silver frost. Perhaps it’s time to get the sprayer and start processing trees and shrubs. Surely the majority of summer residents of the middle zone this work is already behind, but the southerners only have to take care of the health of the garden.

Since some will be taking up this case for the first time, some uncertainty and a lot of questions can not be avoided. To new gardeners do not waste precious time searching for information, we have answered the most pressing. Well, if experienced summer residents look into the selection of questions and answers and share their experience, it will be just wonderful!

At what minimum temperature can trees be sprayed, and when treatments are already ineffective?

Try to cope with spraying by heat until the temperature drops below +14°C. Then most drugs are effective (the choice is wider), and insects have not yet fallen into hibernation, during which they are less vulnerable. However, the signal for the transition to the diapause state can be not only the temperature, but also the length of the light day. Therefore, experienced gardeners try to douse the pests with any insecticides early, until both of the above conditions come into force.

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Autumn Treatment Of Trees And Shrubs: Main Issues

Well, from diseases can be sprayed later, the main thing is to carefully read the instructions to the drug, which indicates the optimal temperature for plant treatments.

But what to do if for some reason it was not possible to spray the trees in time, and the thermometer is already +4…+5°C? Experienced gardeners recommend two ways out of this situation: if you can get to the country in early spring, autumn processing can not be carried out. If your decision to spray trees is unshakable, choose the right drugs.

What is killing out the treatment?

It is carried out in the autumn, when the trees have neither leaves nor fruit, so working solutions are prepared stronger than in summer.

Autumn Treatment Of Trees And Shrubs: Main Issues

Ageless classics-Bordeaux liquid (3%), urea (3%), iron sulfate (3%), copper sulfate (3-5%).

Can insecticides and fungicides be mixed in the same container?

If it is possible to do without mixing, it is better to spray separately. Well, if you can not do without the connection of drugs for any reason-read the instructions, they should indicate compatible forms.

Autumn Treatment Of Trees And Shrubs: Main Issues

And take note of the easiest and most effective way to check: if two (more than one container is not recommended to mix) drugs precipitate, or the liquid is delaminated, or flakes are formed-they are incompatible. If the resulting mixture is homogeneous – everything is fine, you can work. Surely everyone knows, but just in case I remind you: use a mixture of drugs on the day of preparation, it can not be stored.

Do I need to cultivate the soil around the trees?

Many argue that Yes, it is necessary. After all, pathogens can be anywhere: on leaves, branches, in the folds of the bark, on the ground, on the stems of grass in the trunk circle. Of course, before processing the soil, you need to remove leaf and fruit litter. But the most important thing is to choose the right preparation for processing – you are going to eat everything grown in your garden. Bordeaux mixture and a solution of copper sulfate disappear immediately-the opinion of gardeners on this score is extremely unanimous.

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Autumn Treatment Of Trees And Shrubs: Main Issues

Fungicides, of course, very a strong thing, but after all poisons same! How do you want to do without them! Therefore, I will voice my subjective opinion: in this case, my land certainly does not need fungicides! I’m better in the spring once again sprayed trees biologics! That will be all right! And if necessary, I will try a new way to combat diseases of fruit trees – I will vaccinate.

Will there be any use from spraying, if the leaves have not fallen off?

Uniquely. Properly treat the foliage, and it will fall to the ground absolutely safe for the health of the tree. Well, if there are many leaves on the tree, you can carry out two treatments with a solution of a slightly lower concentration: one – on the leaves, the second (control) after they have fallen off.

What drug can replace the Bordeaux mixture?

In respect Bordeaux a mixture opinion gardeners (as ordinary summer residents, so and experts) all more diverge: alone still consider its universal a means for treatment plants and not think turn gaze on more modern drugs.

Autumn Treatment Of Trees And Shrubs: Main Issues

Others categorically refuses to pour copper over their site, and therefore do not want to hear about the Bordeaux mixture. Of course, the choice of the drug is a personal matter, but it seems to me that it is wrong to cure a tree by destroying the soil. However, if you so like Bordeaux mixture, it is not necessary to abandon it, just securely hide the ground under cover (cover with film, large sheets of cardboard or plywood, several layers of Newspapers and other similar materials) at the time of spraying the trees. Yes, troublesome, but the choice is always yours: to work hard, collecting and re-spreading the covering material, or generously flavor the earth with copper.

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What concentration should be Bordeaux liquid in the processing of conifers?

In this matter, the opinions of experts are unambiguous – only 1%! It is better to use more working solution, abundantly spilling each twig, than to increase its concentration. And if you still fear to burn pine needles, treat the first one foot (preferably the one that is least visible). And as the result it will be possible to draw conclusions is to treat the entire plant or to change the medication.

Autumn Treatment Of Trees And Shrubs: Main Issues

And finally-spraying know-how. That takes me proud of our truckers: don’t hurt nature nor the wit, nor the breadth of the soul! Look, here is a man found an effective way of spraying and immediately shared the discovery with friends-summer residents-use to your health! I really liked the idea: first-quickly, secondly-qualitatively, thirdly-you can not carry a ladder. In General, solid pros!

Summing up the above, the conclusion is this: autumn processing of trees and shrubs-a question both simple and complex. To the garden from disease to defend, and chemistry as little as possible to use, it is necessary to seek a middle ground. I want to believe that together we will find it!

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