Feeding the Ducks From the First Days, Tips for Caring

Successful breeding of poultry, especially its breeding, begins with proper feeding. It is very important to give barely hatched chickens, ducklings or turkeys the right impetus to development.

I want to share my experience of feeding young animals on the example of ducklings. In the spring it so happened that when one of the turkeys decided to sit on the eggs, they were all already disassembled — placed under other hens. So we decided to put the Turkey eggs musk duck — 16 pieces.

Term incubation of Turkey eggs 28 days, musk duck — 32, sometimes more. Turkey coped with its task: as a result, 16 ducklings hatched.

Feeding the Ducks From the First Days, Tips for Caring

It is very important not to miss the beginning of this process. As soon as the eggs appear Chicks, we immediately take them and take them under the infrared lamp. Then once under a hen will remain 2 eggs, you need complete darkness to bring back all the kids. Only in such situation the hen will behave quietly and will accept all.

At the moment when you return the mother Chicks, you can go to the trick. For example, turkeys are usually a bit of their eggs — 5 pieces. You can buy turkeys, chickens or ducklings and plant them too. Turkey — a very good mother, she will take care of them and raise all.

What to feed such small ducklings? In my opinion, it should be starting compound feed. At the beginning of the growing Chicks cannot be and speeches about any kind of cereals, wheat and grass. The main factor affecting the health and development of poultry — proper feeding from the first days.

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Feeding the Ducks From the First Days, Tips for Caring

From the moment of hatching, next to the ducklings, there should be a drinking bowl with clean water and a feeder with a starting compound feed. Than well growing Chicks with mom – she immediately teaches them the basic necessities of life: shows how to drink water and how to peck food. She takes them out of hiding and gets back in time.

I hope my advice will help you.

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