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What To Plant Around The Perimeter Of The Plot Depending On Its Size

Successful standard project of the house, stylish design of the kitchen, cozy interior in the living room… For most active and busy people, ready-made design solutions are a lifesaver. Is there something similar in landscape design? Agree, there are no two identical sections, just as there are no identical budgies. […]

Polypores, Mosses, Lichens — Uninvited Guests Of The Garden (Part 2)

Mushrooms, mosses, lichen – who is superfluous? In adult gardens, gentlemen live on trees. They also (but somehow in their own way) like apples, pears, cherries, plums… Here are Polypores mushrooms-although they have a romantic appearance and smell good, but they are definitely pathogenic: they decompose wood with mycelium. For […]