Forest and Field Plants in the Garden: Achillea

Well, here are Achillea bloom… This is the legendary plant, which, according to legend, even Achilles healed the wounds of their fighters.

The traditional color of the flowers at Achillea white. They form dense corymbose inflorescences, sometimes very large. But sometimes close can be found and pink-purple inflorescences:

Forest and Field Plants in the Garden: Achillea

I do not know what is connected and what determines that change color, but looks nice. Achilleas of different colors and shades always look very elegant in large groups.

On the basis of species of plants, breeders have invented various garden hybrids, flower colour which can be bright yellow, pink, deep red, orange. Sometimes these plants against the background of a bright flower stands out contrasting center – yellow or white.

The wild Achillea is low: 40-50 cm in height, and varietal can reach 80 cm.

From the kind stands out Achillea ptarmica.

Forest and Field Plants in the Garden: Achillea

Its flowers are noticeably larger than that of an ordinary one, and the inflorescences are quite different — racemose, loose. The leaves are also different: they are solid, small, in the Achillea millefolium is a quite big and heavily-dissected, lacy.

Numerous snow-white flowers Achillea ptarmica in the flower garden form a real white cloud.

Forest and Field Plants in the Garden: Achillea

But Achillea millefolium looks no less attractive. In order to settle it in his garden, just to transplant to a flower bed a few rhizomes of wild-growing plant. However, it should be done as early as possible in the spring, and to choose young plants — they are better accustomed. While the seedling is rooted, it needs to be watered regularly, well, then it does not require any care from you.

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To the soil it is surprisingly undemanding, the only condition: the soil should be permeable, because stagnant moisture plant will destroy. But the drought adult Achillea tolerates easily. Feeding does not require and generally quite indifferent to the fertility of the soil, but if in the spring you pour it over the infusion of mullein or treat complex fertilizer, he will be grateful to you.

Forest and Field Plants in the Garden: Achillea

Varietal plants are propagated by seeds. The case is quite troublesome: small seeds, seedlings, too, and at first, they develop very very slowly. Therefore, sowing Achillea directly into the soil, you risk simply losing it in the growing grass. Well, or the birds regale: seeds Achillea germinate in the light so they are recommended to sow on the soil surface. Therefore, it is best to use the seedling method.

Adherents of herbal medicine and traditional medicine certainly know about the healing properties of this plant: Achillea has hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and antiseptic; Achillea drugs are used in liver diseases. However, there are contraindications: it can not be used by pregnant women.

Let me remind gardeners: Achillea is an excellent natural insecticide. Infusion of dry grass (a kilogram of raw materials in a bucket of boiling water, insist an hour, strain, add soap) is used for spraying plants against aphids, spider mites and thrips.

Note: dried Achillea is a good seasoning and a component of herbal mixtures for the preparation of bitter infusions.

Forest and Field Plants in the Garden: Achillea

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