How to Grow Potatoes from Botanical Seeds?

It was noted that when growing potatoes from Botanical seeds, the obtained mini-tubers are absolutely free from all diseases. That is, using this method of growing potatoes, we can get a completely clean sowing material.

As a rule, seed potatoes are harvested immediately after harvest. Dried, green and deposited separately. And so every year. At the same time, after 5 to 6 years, the potato begins to degenerate due to the constant accumulation of viral and bacterial diseases. In this case, it is customary to update the seed material, for which the owner usually goes to the market and buys another variety. With other sores.

Growing Technology

At the initial stage, seed reproduction requires increased attention, but no more than, for example, care for Lobelia or Petunia. Potatoes are grown seedling way, seeds should be sown no later than the end of March.

For sowing, it is convenient to choose a container with a lid. The substrate should be loose, structured, well absorbing water. Pour do not need much, enough for 3-4 cm Soil moistened before sowing, seeds are pre-soaked in a solution of stimulator type, Zircon or EPIN.
How to Grow Potatoes from Botanical Seeds?
Seeds are neatly laid out on the surface of the soil, they do not need to fall asleep on top. The sprouts of potatoes is very fragile, not all will be able to break even through a small layer of soil.
How to Grow Potatoes from Botanical Seeds?
The top boarding capacity need to cover with polythene. It is important that in the next few days (before sowing) seedlings are in heat and darkness. The window sill is not suitable, it is better to put them on a warm battery, placing the bottom plate, an old magazine or a few Newspapers. In the cool of the high probability of the decay of seeds.

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Every day seedlings need to be opened for inspection and ventilation. As soon as the first sprouts, cover shoot and expose them to the light.

Germinate seeds quickly, and after 2-3 weeks ready to dive. This is an important and nearly jewelry the process. The fact that the shoots are thin and brittle, break them very easily. Gently, with a spoon or two toothpicks, take out the seedlings with a lump of land and transplanted into individual cups. The roots of compressing is not necessary, and it is desirable to plant almost in the dirt. Given that potatoes are from the nightshade family, polishing recommended to water the plants with a solution Fitosporin.
How to Grow Potatoes from Botanical Seeds?
Now the seedlings continue to develop separately. It is necessary to ensure that the soil is always moderate humidity. Watering plants should be carefully, trying not to wet the leaves and stem, spraying is contraindicated. It is convenient to pour water into the tray, which are glasses. And humidity is easier to control, and the roots will know exactly where to reach.

About a month later, you will need to transshipment of potato seedlings into larger pots. The root system by this time will fully master a small glass and will need to increase the volume of soil. In addition, as a rule, the seedlings are stretched, bent. When transshipment is possible to ruin it. After that, on the stem, which turned out to be underground, additional roots will begin to form, which will well affect the yield.
How to Grow Potatoes from Botanical Seeds?
How to determine the time of planting seedlings in the open ground? Certainly in the spring the district will begin mass planting of potatoes in the usual way. When the neighbors turn green seedlings, then seedlings can be planted — approximately in mid-may. It is advisable to add sawdust or sand to the planting pit to make the soil more loose.
How to Grow Potatoes from Botanical Seeds?
Now potatoes grown from seeds will develop as usual. He needs the same care as planted with tubers – weeding, hilling, watering. Unfortunately, it is also loved by Colorado beetles, so you will need the usual protection or fight against them.
How to Grow Potatoes from Botanical Seeds?
Potatoes are dug out at the usual time. You shouldn’t expect huge yields in the first year, with one plant you can get about 1-1,5 kg of potatoes. Most likely, it will be small (like a quail egg), the nodules are in the amount of 15-20 pieces, that is, the reproduction rate of 1:15 at least! However, it is possible that some will grow so that they can be cooked and taste the first harvest.
How to Grow Potatoes from Botanical Seeds?
This is a mini – tubers. Ideal, disease-free planting material. When planting in the following year he will give the harvest that corresponds to the grade. The resulting tubers will be called super-super elite (AAA+).

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Seed potatoes are prepared for storage in the same way as usual – green and placed in storage separately from the food.

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