How To Plant And Care For Potentilla

Potentilla as the flower is known since ancient times. This plant is not only a great decoration of the garden, but also has healing properties, is widely used in medicine.

There are many species of Potentilla and low-growing, creeping grass, and high half-shrub and shrub, reaching 1.5 meters in height. For garden decoration use those and others. First bred for the beautiful flowers planted in the borders, on the rockery, rockeries, the second is used for low and mixed hedges. Potentilla blooms in late may — early June. Grows on the banks of swamps, streams, pastures, floodplains of the rivers wherever fresh and wet.

Planting and growing Potentilla

The choice of location for Potentilla depends on the type you intend to plant. There are kinds of unpretentious, a has and capricious. For example, the Potentilla nitida prefers a dry sandy soil, a Potentilla alba likes partial shade. Potentilla reproduces the plots, seeds, cuttings.

Before planting the soil should be dug up and levelled. Then he planted the seed that awakened fertile land. After planting need to be watered. After three weeks, the seedlings will germinate, and a week later they will have to sit at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other.

Potentilla reproduces the plots in the autumn or spring separated root growth from buds and are planted in warm season. Place the parcels in a smoothie of humus for 12 hours. Then the plant grows and the Bud was a depth of 5 cm After watering the seedlings in the soil can be mulched with sawdust or pine needles.

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The plant will bloom in 2-3 years after planting. Ideal for the production of suitable shrubs three years of age, but can be shared and younger.

Care Potentilla

Potentilla low maintenance but needs regular watering. Its spring feed mineral fertilizer. Summer loosen soil and remove weeds. To get a lush flowering tree, cut last year’s shoots by about a third.

The types and varieties of Potentilla

A lot Potentilla – more than five hundred. They complement other flowers bloom profusely and continuously, for which they are so fond of gardeners. Thus, in the English and European gardens are very often present. Shrubby Potentilla looks great in hedges. Here are a few species of Potentilla that are suitable for different areas of your garden.

  • Potentilea acaulis
  • Very low view, stems 1-6 cm, prefers stony, gravelly, Sunny slopes, but the soil should be well drained and moist.

How To Plant And Care For Potentilla

  • Potentilla nitida
  • Beautiful pink flowers on a background of small, forming a carpet of silvery-green leaves create a great decorative effect. Loves dry, Sunny places, sandy soils, limestone scree, and fine gravel.

  • Potentilla nepalensis
  • Also a great candidate for garden decoration. Flowers in her dark pink and red flowering starts from July and continues for 50-55 days. Beautiful hybrid varieties with gorgeous flowers.

  • Potentilla Atrosanguinea
  • Another herbaceous species. Height up to 60 cm, blooms in June and July, approximately 50 days of bright scarlet flowers to 5 cm in diameter.

  • Potentilla х hybrida
  • Plant c large flowers of red, yellow, pink, purple colours derived from various species of Potentilla, including those listed above. Grows to 90 cm tall, flowers with a diameter up to 4 cm.

How To Plant And Care For Potentilla

  • Pentaphylloides fruticosa
  • Yes, the leaves are shrubby, and in fact you can brew and drink. Erect shrubs are relatively low (50-70 cm to 1.5 m), well tolerated haircut, can form a neat crown. Large flowers c different color. From Potentilla, growing in the sun, bright color fades and becomes pale. Types shrubby Potentilla will look great on the Alpine hill among the stones, as well as in various flower beds, one can create a low hedge.

How To Plant And Care For Potentilla

How To Plant And Care For Potentilla

How To Plant And Care For Potentilla

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