What an Amazing it is, This Dodecatheon

Dodecatheon-this unpretentious perennial plant, which I met quite by accident. And for the fifth year in a row Dodecatheon-a favorite plant in my flower bed. With its exotic appearance Dodecatheon surprises my guests, striking with the beauty of unusual flowers.

Today we know about thirty different species of Dodecatheon, but, unfortunately, to meet them in our gardens can be quite rare. And sorry, by the way, these unusual plants worthy of the wide distribution and attention. They bloom in the transition period, mid-may-June, when the flower bed still does not have time to recharge with bright colors of annuals, and primroses faded long ago.

Homeland Dodecatheon is North America, where it grows in mountainous, forested areas. Due to the fact that the plant is extremely resistant to any weather whims and incredibly hardy, today Dodecatheon is cultivated all over the world.

What an Amazing it is, This Dodecatheon

Dodecatheon grows in the form of a small basal socket. Already in early summer over its bright, green, elliptical leaves rise strong stems that carry fragile flowers 3 cm in diameter of the original form: as the blooming flower petals fully open the Golden anthers, and they go back.

What an Amazing it is, This Dodecatheon

Growing Dodecatheon

What an Amazing it is, This Dodecatheon

Growing dodecatheon is a very exciting thing, despite the fact that it is quite difficult to do . Believe me, your efforts aimed at growing dodecatheon will not pass in vain, it will take quite a bit of time and this amazing plant will thank you with gorgeous, unusual, very quivering and incredibly elegant flowers. But don’t be surprised when in late summer the delicate leaves dodecatheon starts to die — this is quite normal, and the leaves of this plant-ephemera die annually.

For growing dodecatheon need rich humus soil. No matter where you plant the dodecatheon, in the shade or in the sun, the main thing — the roots of the plant should not overheat. Growing dodecatheon, remember, some of its species require a period of summer rest.

Reproduction of dodecatheon

What an Amazing it is, This Dodecatheon

The easiest way to reproduce the dodecatheon is by dividing the Bush, which must be produced in the middle of autumn or early spring. To do this, adult plants are dug up and divided into several parts. Then you need to delenki planted in a previously prepared place.

Quite simply reproduces dodecatheon and seeds, the only thing you need to take into account one feature. Planted directly into the flowerbed seed dodecatheon very easy and fast to germinate, and the first of them developed cotyledon leaves, which later dry up and disappear. But this does not mean that the whole plant disappears and the site is free again — the roots of the plant remain alive! It will take quite a bit of time after the top small Dodecatheon wither, and the roots will appear again and new shoots.

Dodecatheon is an incredibly beautiful plant, but, multiplying it with seeds, note that its seedlings develop very slowly and will bloom only for the fifth year after sowing.

Landing dodecatheon

What an Amazing it is, This Dodecatheon

For planting dodecatheon is better to choose a shady place with relatively moist soil. To plant dodecatheon best in small groups (5-7 sockets).

Despite the fact that the dodecatheon is very fond of light, drying loam they feel great on any soil with the addition of old compost, crushed fibrous peat or ordinary rotted wood leaves. And on the contrary, constant dampness can lead to oppression of plants, in the damp soil their juicy roots quickly rot and disappear.

Dodecatheon care

Dodecatheon is absolutely unpretentious not only in cultivation, but also in care. He’s incredibly hardy, and relatively safely respond to any vagaries of the weather: its thick fleshy roots, can stand as a prolonged drought, and cold wind. Therefore, the plant does not need the construction of special shelters and frequent watering in the summer. The only thing is to protect young plants from slugs and moles that can quickly destroy plants.

What an Amazing it is, This Dodecatheon

Types and varieties of dodecatheon

Today, among the thirty known species of Dodecatheon in culture, the most common only a few:

Dodecatheon alpinum

Dodecatheon alpinum inhabits the slopes of the mountains and Alpine meadows, at an altitude of about 3500 m above sea level. The plant has linear leaves, reaching a length of 10 cm and chetyrehlepestkovye lilac flowers with a diameter of about 2.5 cm, flowering which lasts from early June to mid-August.

What an Amazing it is, This Dodecatheon

Dodecatheon clevelandii

Dodecatheon clevelandii is found on the coasts of Mexico and California. Flowers Dodecatheon clevelandii have a characteristic pink-purple color, although sometimes there are white. The petals of these amazing beauty of flowers with pale yellow or white rims above the sepals reach up to 2.5 cm in length.

What an Amazing it is, This Dodecatheon

The most common varieties of Dodecatheon clevelandii:

Dodecatheon clevelandii insulare

Dodecatheon clevelandii insulare-hermit, blooms from mid-February to late March. It can be found on the remote hills of California, the soil of which is wet in the spring and dry in the summer clay. Different from other species insulare not only early flowering, but also beautiful gray-green leaves that have wavy edges and reach a length of 10 cm flowers insulare similar to colored moths pink or purple color with bright yellow anthers and expressive black stamens.

What an Amazing it is, This Dodecatheon

Dodecatheon clevelandii patulum

Dodecatheon clevelandii patulum is the smallest of dodecatheon, grows in the shade of granite shoals California. In height the plant reaches no more than 20 cm, blooms with bright red-lilac flowers.

What an Amazing it is, This Dodecatheon

Dodecatheon clevelandii sanctarum

Dodecatheon clevelandii sanctarum is the early flowering of all known dodecatheon. It blooms in early February. Meet this amazing flower can be at an altitude of about 1180 m, in California. In addition sanctarum is the most enduring among dodecatheon. Its leaves even if die, it takes very little time and they are restored again.

What an Amazing it is, This Dodecatheon

Dodecatheon dentatum

Dodecatheon dentatum can be found in damp areas of wooded areas Of British Columbia, as well as the States of Idaho and Oregon. Preferring to grow near waterfalls and streams, dodecatheon toothed blooms from early may to July. Its white in color flowers, reaching up to 2.5 cm in length, have a purple ring in the center and bright red-purple stamens.

What an Amazing it is, This Dodecatheon

Dodecatheon hansenii

One of the most beautiful representatives of the species is deservedly considered Dodecatheon hansenii, which can be found on the foothills of Sierra Nevada. Dodecatheon hansenii blooms from April to mid-may with luxurious Burgundy flowers, in the middle of which is a bright yellow pestle.

What an Amazing it is, This Dodecatheon

Dodecatheon frigidum

The largest dodecatheon is Dodecatheon frigidum, the stalks of which reach a height of 0.5 m. Dodecatheon frigidum is a magnificent plant found on the tundra forest edges and Alpine meadows, from California to Alaska. Flowering Dodecatheon frigidum pink or purple, flowers throughout may, and until August is at rest.

What an Amazing it is, This Dodecatheon

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