Interesting Ideas for the Garden: Fountains On the Suburban Area

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Wells have long occupied a special place in people’s lives. Even a daily trip to the water often became an event-usually people exchanged the latest news in the neighborhood of the spring. Key wells used to be several meters deep and reached the ground water level. The priceless water was lifted with a bucket.

Nowadays, wells have not only not lost their importance, but, on the contrary, have become an indispensable element of many gardens. For example, in the gardens of the village style, wells with water for household purposes perform utilitarian functions, and also serve as a decoration of the site. In gardens and vegetable gardens, there are increasingly columns with a hand pump, and by installing a drainage pipe in large quantities, you can collect rainwater for irrigation. A natural spring can replace a water tap with a well-built one, for example, in a wall fountain. Even if the water source is not used for domestic purposes, it will still decorate your garden and delight you with the murmur of fast jets.

How to arrange a fountain on the site

The idea of using decorative fountains is not new. This has been known since ancient times. But the most impressive fountains and luxurious decorative ponds appeared in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. If you decide to install a fountain in the garden, choose a place that is open for viewing from different parts of the plot and located next to the recreation area. Remember that the fountain does not interfere with the construction or operation of commercial buildings. Do not put it near fruit trees that do not like excessive humidity.

1. The Mediterranean style in the garden creates an octagonal fountain with a column. It seems as if it evokes thoughts and dreams of rest and decorates the yard. But this model will require quite a lot of space.

Interesting Ideas for the Garden: Fountains On the Suburban Area

2. A spring with a log cup is short-lived, but it fits wonderfully into a natural-style garden. Such bowls are still used on pastures as a drinking bowl for cattle. The bowl will have to be updated every 15 years.

Interesting Ideas for the Garden: Fountains On the Suburban Area

3. A decorative fish head is suspended on the clematis , from which water runs like a stream. Because of the high humidity, moss grows quickly here.
4. Rainwater flows down the drain into the container. Very beautiful tanks made of natural stone. The pipe is “covered” with honeysuckle foliage.

Interesting Ideas for the Garden: Fountains On the Suburban Area

5. The streamer is water from the fountain bowl. The pump circulates water.

Interesting Ideas for the Garden: Fountains On the Suburban Area

The size of the future fountain should be chosen based on the area of the suburban area and the availability of free space. Even a small pond in the smallest garden can become an exquisite decoration. As for the form, there are many possible options. For example, install a fountain in a pond specially dug for this purpose or mount it in a ready-made plastic bowl-pool.

Important: carefully choose a pump and a water intake system, the pump power should correspond to the capacity of the bowl.

The water intake system is organized in different ways: from a natural reservoir with water discharge back into it to a water pipe with water discharge into a drainage system or into a fountain bowl. As for the design, it all depends on your taste, because today there are models of all sizes, shapes and styles on the market. And how beautiful it will look in a fountain in a blooming garden!

How does the water circulate?

The water in the decorative fountains continuously circulates in a circle. This is possible thanks to the electric pump:

  1. It is placed at the bottom of the fountain bowl.
  2. It supplies water through a hose that passes unnoticed under the ledge, then through the space between the wall and the masonry and rises into the gutter.
  3. From here, the water, flowing through the middle, again falls into a large bowl.

A waterproof electric cable from the pump runs between the wall of the bowl and the decorative wall. When installing a fountain, you should not forget about water purification. As a result of forced circulation, it begins to foam and become cloudy over time. To restore the biological balance in the pond, it is necessary to use filters.

You will not have to go to the house for water if you drill a well and install a water column right in the garden.

Interesting Ideas for the Garden: Fountains On the Suburban Area

Wall fountains create a Mediterranean atmosphere, natural stone containers are suitable for a country-style garden.

Left: in Spanish wine estates, you can often see such decorative wall fountains decorated with bright tiles. Right: This wall fountain made of cast iron with a built-in water circulation system was created in the Viennese style.

Interesting Ideas for the Garden: Fountains On the Suburban Area

Fountains give a zest to small squares. Building such a miracle is not an easy task, but if you really want to, you can always find a suitable model in the store.

In search of water

Their own water source was vital for every peasant. If there was no surface source on his site, it was necessary to dig a well to use groundwater or aquifers located in the earth’s thickness. Often a dowser was invited to the courtyards, who undertook to discover underground springs on the site. According to the postulates of “radiesthesia”, the ancient science of Earth radiation, near aquifers, the electric field (“earth radiation”) changes, and some people have the ability to feel these changes. A device for detecting underground water-usually a fork of willow vines-serves as an antenna that perceives the radiation of the earth. The accuracy of this method has been and remains a very dubious practice. But, despite this, farmers still hire individuals or entrepreneurs to search for sources of life-giving moisture.

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