Is It Possible To Use Tea Instead Of Diet?

Before the New year, you want to be perfect: put on expensive shoes and lose a few pounds to fit into your favorite dress. To achieve the desired result quickly, many women run to the pharmacy and buy tea for weight loss. It is believed that thanks to this miracle remedy, excess fluid leaves the body, and fat magically evaporates.

Let’s try to understand why tea for weight loss so quickly affects our body, at what cost makes it lose weight. And to objectively weigh all the “pros” and “cons” of this method of getting rid of excess weight, let’s listen to what doctors say about it.

Why do we love tea for weight loss?

It’s just cheap, is on sale and is quite effective if you need a couple of weeks to lose a few pounds. And its manufacturers promise a passing “cleansing of the body”, and this marketing move leaves us unarmed in front of such a convenient product. And what could be wrong with herbal tea?

Is It Possible To Use Tea Instead Of Diet?

What’s in the lineup?

Weight-loss teas that are sold in pharmacies usually have a similar composition, even if they are in different price categories: they usually all contain laxatives and diuretics. In addition, you can see in the composition of the collection and plants with other properties. For example, Garcinia, which helps reduce appetite and accelerates metabolism; corn stigmas, which help cleanse the liver and normalize its work.

Choosing a herbal collection, you need to understand: all plants contained in teas for weight loss have their own useful properties, but there are also contraindications that need to be discussed with the therapist.

Is It Possible To Use Tea Instead Of Diet?

The fact that a lot of substances are excreted from the body is already a negative effect. We interfere with nature by using diuretics and laxatives. A man may not need them, but he drinks them. On packages write that tea contains substances that remove “excess liquid”. Or maybe you don’t have any extra fluid! This should be determined by the doctor. On a pack of such tea it is not for nothing written: “before use, consult a doctor.” The specialist knows the state of the body and can tell whether or not you should take such a remedy.

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Learn more about dietary supplements

Weight loss products are divided into medicines and dietary supplements. Teas for weight loss are biologically active additives that have a laxative and diuretic effect.

Is It Possible To Use Tea Instead Of Diet?

It is important to remember that dietary supplements are not medicines. They are able to make up for the lack of nutrients in the body and become a means of preventing some violations. Usually such preparations contain small doses of biologically active components-amino acids, minerals, plant extracts, animals, algae, and so on. And they can have side effects, so any supplements are better to choose with your doctor.

In General, the attitude to dietary supplements is ambiguous: on the one hand, there are actually active drugs, the effect of which is recognized by doctors and pharmacists. On the other hand, there are many questions about biological additives: they do not help everyone, they do not benefit every organism, and they have not been studied enough. In addition, not all of them are registered and verified. There is no strict quality and control certificate for dietary supplements, which is a serious drawback if the consumer wants to be sure of the safety of the product.

How does tea work for weight loss

Under the influence of active substances contained in tea, water absorption in the body deteriorates, the incoming substances — both harmful and useful-are less absorbed. From the body, thanks to the diuretic effect, the liquid is removed, due to which the person loses weight. But note: it’s the liquid that goes away, not the fat. The laxative effect promotes bowel emptying, which also reduces the pounds on the scales.

Is It Possible To Use Tea Instead Of Diet?

It is removed from the body everything you need-magnesium, potassium, and other elements. We dehydrate the body, and it turns out that the entire metabolism is disrupted. Often happens such: the girl drinks some tea (especially Chinese teas, Vietnamese, from Taiwan), observes a diet. And then she develops anorexia nervosa, and she can’t eat at all. A piece of eaten — and immediately gag reflex arises. Therefore, all herbs should be handled carefully.

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People are allergic to certain plants. Yes, of course, herbs have few side effects, but they still have — each herb has its own. It is necessary to select the collection taking into account the state of all organs, the entire body. And each person has his own collection. Let’s say the first is obese, and the second is obese. But the reason in the first case is a sedentary lifestyle, in the second-accumulated in the body of harmful substances from food and the environment, and everyone needs to appoint an individual herbal collection.

There are teas that are grown in clean environmental conditions. They can be trusted, but drink the course. It is better to consult a doctor who uses knowledge in the field of herbal medicine. He will individually prescribe a drug, and a course that will really benefit.

Could it hurt the tea for weight loss?

It is important to know: such fees can cause dependence. With long-term use, the body will simply stop taking standard doses of tea, and will have to increase them, while increasing the load on the internal organs. Constantly taking these supplements is not safe at all: plants with a laxative effect can negatively affect the intestinal walls, causing digestive disorders, and diuretics make the kidneys work hard.

Is It Possible To Use Tea Instead Of Diet?

If we talk about laxatives in General, their constant and unjustified use can provoke dehydration and even the development of colon cancer. Some laxatives lead to a lack of potassium in the blood.

Before you go to the pharmacy and buy tea for weight loss, you need to pass tests to make sure that there are no contraindications. And if you decide to take it, then under the supervision of a doctor. There are many contraindications: peptic ulcer, hepatitis, pancreatitis, ulcerative colitis and so on. And it is better if a person decided to lose weight, contact a nutritionist and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Is It Possible To Use Tea Instead Of Diet?

There are officially registered drugs that are used in the treatment of obesity. And they do not have a direct fat-burning effect, that is, they do not burn fat and do not reduce it in fat cells. These drugs reduce the absorption of fat in the intestines, as well as reduce appetite.

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There are no recommendations that would include the use of teas for weight loss. Laxative tea can act just temporarily and show a figure on the scales, which will then be restored-the weight is reduced not due to adipose tissue, but due to the contents of the intestine. That is, the contents of the intestine will go away — and the weight will decrease by 1-1. 5 kilograms per day. But as soon as we start eating again, the food is digested, the contents of the intestines are replenished, and the weight is returned.

The only advantage of these teas is that they reduce the risk of constipation. For example, if a person is constipated, the reverse absorption of toxins begins, which reduces the dynamics in weight loss. And then tea can help. But even this is for indications: if there is no constipation, then there is no sense in such tea from a medical point of view, too.

Is there no easy and completely safe way to lose weight?

Working on yourself and your body is a lot of systematic work, and sometimes even money costs-for a nutritionist, gym and quality food. Proper nutrition, sports and a healthy lifestyle are worth a lot. At least time and your psychological readiness for such work. Someone turns to a therapist for help, someone-to a nutritionist, someone takes himself in hand and begins to change his diet, exercise.

Is It Possible To Use Tea Instead Of Diet?

Well, if you still decide to start taking teas for weight loss, consult with a specialist you trust. Remember that you are responsible for your health, especially when you prescribe yourself a drug, including biologically active additives.

Have you had any experience with the use of tea for weight loss? What ways do you prefer to lose weight? Are you interested in topics related to weight loss, proper nutrition and eating disorders? Share your opinion in the comments!

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