Potato Diet: How Andrew Taylor Lost Weight

They say potatoes are the second bread. At least in some countries. Because there are places on our planet where the tubers of this plant do not eat or consume very little.

How many potatoes do you eat per year? Perhaps, something about a hundred kilograms. And this is documented. According to statistics, most potatoes are eaten in Belarus-184.6 kilograms per person per year. But in Egypt, potatoes consume little, only 34.6 kilograms per person per year – probably because most of the grown potatoes are sent.

Potato Diet: How Andrew Taylor Lost Weight

A little more than Egyptians – 48.9 kilograms of potatoes per person per year-are eaten by Australians. But not a resident of Melbourne (Australia) Andrew Taylor. In 2016, a thirty-six-year-old school teacher ate almost one and a half tons of potatoes. What for?

Food addict

One day, thinking about the fact that 152 kilograms of weight for a man of his age and physique – it is unacceptable much, and experiencing depression from another unsuccessful attempt to lose weight, Andrew came to the conclusion that he – a food addict. That is, it has a dependence on food, as an alcoholic – on alcohol.

He decided that if it is an addiction, then you need to get rid of it by the same method that treat drug addicts – abstinence from what causes addiction. And since it is impossible to completely exclude food, then you need to limit it as much as possible.

Potato Diet: How Andrew Taylor Lost Weight

And in order not to harm health and stay full of energy for an active life, you need to choose the product that is most balanced in its composition – including the most complete set of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

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Potatoes – superfood

Andrew has a degree, so the choice of its superfood, he approached thoroughly, studying its chemical composition and the needs of the human body. Chia seeds, Goji berries or acai or even spirulina – these names are known to those who adhere to a healthy eating style. The usual potato is not included in the list of popular super foods (products with a high concentration of useful substances for the body). It is not considered at all as a healthy diet – many watchers try to exclude dishes from potatoes from their diet, considering them too high in calories.

Potato Diet: How Andrew Taylor Lost Weight

However, potato tubers contain eleven vitamins and an impressive list of microelements – from calcium to rubidium. In the diet of potato eaters, he is the main supplier of potassium-potassium in potatoes more than bananas. It also has proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

“Do you know how many dishes you can cook with potatoes?”

So thought the heroine of the old movie. Perhaps Andrew Taylor could agree with her. He is convinced that the potato has gained notoriety among fans of healthy eating because most prefer to fry it in a lot of fat, pour cream or sprinkle with cheese.

Andrew learned to cook a variety of potato dishes and even arrange potato parties, treating friends low-calorie, tasty and varied. In addition to potatoes, he uses soy milk, seasonings, tomato sauce. The only drawback of this potato diet is the amount of potatoes: to meet the needs of the body, Andrew had to eat about four kilograms of potatoes a day. But the result was worth it: for a year he lost almost fifty kilograms of weight, remaining cheerful and cheerful.

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Potato Diet: How Andrew Taylor Lost Weight

Andrew described his experience on his website (https://www.spudfit.com). Perhaps it can be useful to many people with excess weight. However, those who are interested in a potato diet should consult a nutritionist.

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