Additional roofing elements (accessories)

To the roof “earned”, it should be equipped with additional elements, which are often pseudo-found manner called accessories.

They provide:

  • the tightness of the difficult parts of the roof,
  • fixing the material to the crate,
  • ventilation for different purposes,
  • organized drainage of rain streams,
  • snow retention,
  • safe movement of repairers and chimney sweepers, etc.

Such a solid set of functions also entails significant financial costs. They can make up a significant share of the total cost of the roof.

Additional roofing elements (accessories)
On Dormer, of course, snow will accumulate

Laborious roof places

Let’s start with the “difficult” places that require additional construction products. It is the outputs for pipes, valleys, ridges, Gables, ridges, places of adjunctions, etc.

Additional roofing elements (accessories)
Valley — the internal angle at the point of joining of two rays.

Additional elements seal complex areas, while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the roofing. For example, consider the traditional set of roofing components.

Components for the device Valley

  • For the arrangement of the valley provided grooves on the sides of which overlap, say, tiles.
  • The groove is fixed at a distance of 1-2 cm from the top edge with nails or special brackets.
  • To prevent moisture from entering the coating, experts recommend using self-adhesive synthetic strips.

Additional roofing elements (accessories)
Left: Groove for the device of the tiled roof valley
Right: self-Adhesive foam strip to protect from snow, dirt and water

It is gratifying that the latter can pass the air and thus maintain its natural replacement in the under-roof space. It should be noted that in recent years, self-adhesive polymer tapes reinforced with aluminum mesh, or corrugated tapes made of aluminum, lead and copper have solved many problems of sealing on the roof. The essence of laying is as follows:

  1. The upper edge of the tape is wound up for the element adjacent to the coating;
  2. The bottom edge is profiled-say, on a tile;
  3. To the end to ensure waterproofing of the junction, the upper edge of the tape is pressed against the metal strip, and the strip strap sealer is applied.

This is just a small example of a competent solution of a narrow roof space.

Fixing to the ridge batten

Another technique is the installation of the ridge, or spine, of the sheathing. A special metal bracket is provided for this purpose. It would seem that the cheap part. But it carries the technological culture of production, providing a perfect geometry of the roof structure and guaranteed ventilation in the nearby basement space.

Additional roofing elements (accessories)
The completion of the installation of the skate

Experts have provided and passive struggle with possible condensation on the roof, or rather, on its inner side. This is facilitated by various aeration devices installed on different parts of the roof.

If the roof has a complex shape with many valleys, flashings and skylights, it is recommended to set agroalimenta on the ridge. Depending on the length of the slope, the angle of inclination and the estimated area of ventilation, ventilation sections are selected.

Passing options

It is difficult to find the roof of the cottage, which would not have pierced the sinkholes for various purposes. A competent specialist, looking at the roof of the garden, will tell you about all its engineering “bells and whistles” without opening the front door.

We will list the applicants for trouble-free penetration through the roof plane. It:

  • kitchen hoods and ventilation systems,
  • chimneys,
  • antennas (“plates”), etc.

Additional roofing elements (accessories)
A vent on the roof

And, constantly being under the open sky, they have to keep one hundred percent tightness for many years, and it is better – decades.

Additional roofing elements (accessories)
Left: penetration through the roof for ventilation risers.
Right: penetration through the roof of the antenna pin

The Finnish brand VILPE is the leader among manufacturers of construction equipment in the construction markets.

Additional roofing elements (accessories)
The entrance element Vilpe for metal

Its characteristic advantage is the development of a universal design of the “passage element”, which varies depending on the type of roof.

Additional roofing elements (accessories)
Roof aerators

Agree, what is good for a thin metal sheet, hardly suitable for heavy ceramic tiles. Of course, the size of the” sinker ” is selected depending on the diameter of the pipe.

Who dares climb on the roof?

Country roof is not eternal. This will confirm the truth of any cottager. Therefore, its operation should be considered at the stage of designing the roof.

Additional roofing elements (accessories)
How to move on such a roof?

If it is flat, the problems with the movement of it is not expected. However, such roofs-on the fingers of one hand to count. Therefore, for pitched roofs should provide their service elements:

  • safety hooks;
  • adaptations for movement on a roof.

Additional roofing elements (accessories)

They are designed to fix them on the roof ladders and safety devices. Moreover, the hooks can be used on any roof, regardless of the type of roof. They are installed on its bearing part with a sufficient margin of safety. Practice shows that the distance between adjacent hooks should not exceed 5 m.

Additional roofing elements (accessories)
Roof ladder

To safely move on the sloped roof, provide a platform (sometimes with railings), the steps of security and support steps. Each of them has its own purpose. Needless to say, the plane of their installation should be almost horizontal. The surface of the steps (platforms) is made of perforated metal. The curved edges of the holes prevent the shoes from slipping through them. For each type of roof developed their own design of such devices.

Snow retention on the roof

Additional roofing elements (accessories)
That’s how the snow came off this roof

To exclude the deaths of residents from the fallen icicles, it is necessary to decorate the roof with special devices for snow retention. They weren’t invented yesterday. In the mountainous regions of Europe, for example, since ancient times on the roofs fastened logs. They lie there and still, adding exotic to the appearance of Alpine villages.

Additional roofing elements (accessories)
In the Southern Alps snow retention is performed in this way

In modern cottages replaced snow-logs came iron bars, pipes and bumps. I have already identified the specialization of such systems:

  • snow retention tubes wise to put on standing seam roofs,
  • grating-for ceramic and cement-sand tiles.

The fastening element of the grid is the support. It is interesting that for a tiled roof the supports integrated in metal plates, in appearance similar to a tile are designed. However, it is not always possible to paint them in one tone with the title cover, which somewhat distinguishes them from the General background.

Practice has shown that the continuous ” dam ” from the snow mass loses lattice. Snow retention tubes can be used for standing seam roofs. The fact that the mounting is wittily used seam itself as a support element to which the carrier terminals are screwed. Snow-retaining bumps (snow-plows) are designed to complement the already listed defense lines. By definition, they can contain only the lower layer of snow.

Drainage system

Drains-an integral component of any roof. And their tightness is the key to long-term operation of both the roof and the facade of the cottage.

Additional roofing elements (accessories)
Lindab Drain.

A subtle graphic pattern of the drain and the choice of colors for the color to transform it into a decorative attribute, which perfectly framed suburban house. As a model for imitation, I will cite the gutter systems of RUUKKI company (Finland). It produces steel gutters with double-sided polymer coating Pural thickness of 50 microns based on polyurethane. Thanks to acrylic additives, it is most resistant to UV radiation and much less burns out in the sun. Therefore, the maintainability of it is higher than that of other coatings. Maximum operating temperature: + 120ºC. The minimum installation temperature: -15 ° C, which is much lower than that of analogues. This allows to mount such drains almost all year round. They are issued a 15-year written guarantee. And, of course, the” brand ” Scandinavian service life — 50 years.

How to give originality to your home

Visually highlight your home from the many neighboring cottages, add a subtle touch to its appearance help roofing decorations.

Additional roofing elements (accessories)
This work is done by the Master

They give completeness and personality to the house, although pragmatists will call them optional elements. In the old days, homes were decorated okhlupen. This is a log-amulet, which is fixed on top of the roof planks. In the vast majority of his “cut down” under the head of the horse, as the latter was revered as a sacred animal.

Additional roofing elements (accessories)

In later times, it was accepted, for example, to decorate the cap of the skate with a monogram, family coat of arms, the year of Foundation of the house.

Now, it is logical to create decorations for the tiled roof from the same clay as the roof itself. And for metal-from a similar sheet of steel. Again come into fashion weathervanes and spires.

Additional roofing elements (accessories)
House with such a weather vane-cock can not be confused with another cottage

Copper or zinc is more commonly used as a material. After all, these metals are not afraid of the wind, in any direction they would not blow.

Well, the last “decoration”, which is more than functional. These are solar panels that generate a constant electric current.

Additional roofing elements (accessories)
Solar panel

Of course, they should “decorate” roof slopes facing South and not shaded by the surrounding trees. Already now you can” estimate ” how much electricity can be obtained from your roof. The best examples of roofing allow power to 1 kW from 17 square metres of panels. Is it bad to have an alternative source of energy right above your head? And decorating your dacha?

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