Autumn Soil Treatment

In this article I will tell you about the autumn tillage, why it is needed, and that includes.

Soil restoration

The richer the harvest, which we gladly gathered from our beds, the poorer the land on which it grew – this is the law of balance. Applying only mineral fertilizers will not solve this problem.

Autumn Soil Treatment

As practice shows, the systematic use of exclusively mineral fertilizers does not increase, but reduces the level of soil fertility, worsens its structure, while yields, of course, become worse and worse. What’s wrong?

The answer is simple: the application of mineral fertilizers must necessarily be combined with the use of organic, only in this case the benefits of both will be maximum. The application of organic fertilizers provides long-term soil fertility, so it can be carried out once every 3-4 years, on severely depleted or newly cultivated soils – in a year.

Improvement of soil structure

Autumn-the best time to adjust the structure of the soil on your site. On heavy clay-in addition to organic fertilizers, apply ash, sand, compost or leaf humus. This will help make the earth more friable and permeable.

Sandy soils do not keep moisture, so it is difficult for plants to get nutrients. Make a well-rotted compost, leaf humus or ordinary sawdust-this will help to retain moisture and provide plants with food in an accessible form (aqueous solution). Acidic soil, if necessary, must be neutralized, for this make chalk, dolomite flour, or lime. You also need to do the digging of the soil.

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Soil digging depth

It is usually sufficient to dig to a depth of bayonet spade. Do not forget: the deeper we dig, the more moisture the earth will accumulate over the winter. Therefore, places for sowing early crops should not be dug to such a depth, it is enough for 14-15 cm-after the snow melts, these areas will dry faster.

In agriculture, another method of autumn tillage is used-sowing of green manure. Loosen the soil, sow the green manure. After 4-5 weeks, their roots are cut with plane and all. The rest of the work is done by microorganisms.

Of course, we have considered not all methods of autumn tillage – only the most common. Each farmer has his own opinion, so he is free to choose any of these methods, or use your own. Important result: autumn tillage should bring her undoubted benefit: to restore fertility, improve the structure and help to accumulate enough moisture for the winter.

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