Tag: Fertilization in Plants

Humates: What Are Their Benefits And How Do They Work

The issue of soil fertility and plant nutrition is one of the most important for any gardener. Today, it offers the latest achievements in chemistry and Microbiology. But sometimes garden shops resemble a wizard’s shop: customers are offered drugs that, according to advertising assurances, can significantly or even tenfold increase […]

Top Dressing For Cabbage — Scheme Of Top Dressing For The Season (Part 2)

Feeding scheme for the entire season During the period of residence of an early-maturing lady in the open ground, 2 fertilizing is carried out, medium-and late-maturing beauties are treated to Goodies 3-4 times — and this is with sufficient filling of the bed with fertilizers! Since autumn, the planned landing […]

What You Need To Know About Feeding Tomatoes From Sowing To Harvesting

At different stages of development, the tomato needs completely different elements of nutrition. We will tell you in this article how to understand what a plant needs and meet its needs in time. Tomatoes during the season form a large vegetative mass and consume a lot of nutrients, so the […]