Cydia Pomonella: Methods Of Control And Prevention

Unfortunately, not everything in gardening depends on the knowledge and skills of a person. There are many external, often unpredictable factors that affect the result-the harvest. And one of the reasons why we do not get enough of it or have low quality is the vital activity of various insect pests.

Cydia pomonella-this is the most common parasite that spoils the fruits of Apple trees, pears, plums, walnuts and peaches. This enemy must be “known by sight”. The size in the wingspan is 15-20 mm. When the wings are folded, the butterfly becomes small (about 10 mm) and almost merges with its surroundings. Color — shades of gray, turning to brownish.

Cydia Pomonella: Methods Of Control And Prevention

The insect is nocturnal, so it is difficult to see it. It flies for 4-6 weeks, and 7-10 days after Apple blossom begins to lay eggs on leaves and fruits. This activity requires calm, windless weather and a temperature of at least + 16°C. The caterpillars that emerge from the eggs bite into the fruit and make moves.

Cydia Pomonella: Methods Of Control And Prevention

What depends on us, gardeners? What can we do to save the crop? There are several effective ways: prevention, the device of obstacles, the use of chemicals, the installation of traps and repellents.

1. Prevention of Cydia pomonella

Everyone knows that cleanliness is the key to health. This very succinct definition applies to the garden. In 6-8 weeks after flowering of fruit trees, you need to inspect them every week or two and remove the damaged fruit. It is also necessary to collect fallen leaves.

Cydia Pomonella: Methods Of Control And Prevention

The fact is that inside the fruit, the Cydia pomonella larva goes through several stages of development, and then flies out and gives birth to the next generation. During the season, depending on the air temperature, they can be from 1 to 3. by destroying the affected fruit in a Timely manner, while the caterpillars have not yet turned into adults, we can very effectively reduce the pest population.

Cydia pomonella caterpillars overwinter in cocoons in the upper soil layer. Late-autumn shallow digging will not allow them to survive the cold, so do not neglect this measure to prevent the propagation of garden pests (not only Cydia pomonella).

2. Hunting belt

In summer, some of the caterpillars Mature to larval status at ground level (for example, in carrion). For such individuals to continue development and pupation, it is necessary to climb the tree again, to the fruit — and they will crawl, of course, along the trunk. They can be defused by attaching an obstacle to the tree — a sticky hunting belt.

Cydia Pomonella: Methods Of Control And Prevention

However, this way to catch most of the pests will not work, as many individuals manage to pass all stages of their development on the tree. In addition, the hunting belt is not very effective on trees with scaly bark, as in most types of pears.

3. Chemicals

Treatment with modern insecticides is the most reliable way to control Cydia pomonella.

Cydia Pomonella: Methods Of Control And Prevention

To treat fruit trees, dilute the drug in a small amount of water, and then bring the volume of the solution to 10 liters. Strain the solution and spray the garden with it. Do not forget to use personal protective equipment: a respirator, gloves, and glasses.

Treatment of fruit trees from pests is desirable to start even in the green cone phase, but it is against Cydia pomonella that spraying after ovary formation and again after 10 days is important. From the second generation of this pest, treatment in the summer is desirable, when the ovaries on the Apple tree reach about 2 cm in diameter.

4. Traps and repellents

A very popular way to deal with Cydia pomonella among summer residents is to set traps. They are made simply. Cut the plastic bottle into 2 parts. Take the bottom “bucket”, make holes at the edges and tie a string for hanging. In the container, sour jam, beer, and best of all — Apple juice or diluted jam from apples. We hang the traps on the branches of fruit trees-and regularly clear the accumulated insects, as well as replenish the bait.

Cydia Pomonella: Methods Of Control And Prevention

On the one hand, the method is quite simple and eco-friendly. However, it is not very reliable — and when mass destruction garden pests can play a cruel joke: green thumb, confident to protect your garden, you lose time to process effective means of losing part of the crop. It is wiser to use such baits to understand that the Cydia pomonella season has begun, and to apply insecticide in a timely manner.

Pheromone trap

The meaning of this method of fighting is to catch males of Cydia pomonella, which begin to fly a little earlier than the females. On sale there are special products containing synthesized sexual volatile substances (pheromones) of female individuals of this insect. “Perfume” traps to be hung at the beginning of flowering of Apple trees or even earlier and catch them males.

Cydia Pomonella: Methods Of Control And Prevention

With a small number of pests, this option of controlling Cydia pomonella can be effective. Most often, gardeners use pheromone traps (like the previous version) as an indicator of the beginning of pest activity, in order to conduct chemical treatment in time.


Another way to deal with Cydia pomonella was suggested by our employee. He correctly suggested that if Cydia pomonella is essentially a moth, then you can fight it with a proven tool — naphthalene. This drug does not exactly scare butterflies away from Apple trees, but rather confuses males of Cydia pomonella, who when searching for a female are guided by the aromatic signal that she “sends”. So the females remain unfertilized, and a new population is not formed.

Cydia Pomonella: Methods Of Control And Prevention

To collect a good harvest of your apples or pears is the cherished dream of every gardener. This is a worthy reward for your efforts, giving satisfaction and peace, an opportunity to treat your family, and maybe even show off to your neighbors and friends. With the help of prevention and timely treatment of the garden from pests, you will definitely achieve the goal and get a generous return.

Cydia Pomonella: Methods Of Control And Prevention

Dear readers, how do you protect your fruit trees from pests? Share in the comments proven ways to fight Cydia pomonella. This will certainly help those who are just starting their gardening activities, as well as summer residents who are already desperate to cope with this harmful parasite.

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