Fitness Products: Start Preparing For Summer

Summer residents have already joined the next annual gardening marathon-all-around. Some of them have already left the start for the distance, others have just finished warming up and warming up. And for many summer residents, summer “exercises” on the beds are the only activity that supports their “sports” form.

However, to get to the “finish line” at the end of the season without losses in the form of a torn back and strained hands, you need to not forget about physical activity in the off-season. Then the first dacha chores in the spring will not become an excessive task for the body that has become unaccustomed for the winter, and the accumulated “reserves” will not upset unnecessary folds on the sides when trying on the first spring dresses.

How to deal with hypodynamia

With limited motor activity-mainly sedentary lifestyle of modern man-there are violations in the functions of the body: the musculoskeletal system, digestion, blood circulation and even breathing. This phenomenon is called hypodynamia by doctors.

Fitness Products: Start Preparing For Summer

Inactivity itself is an unpleasant and harmful phenomenon. But even more dangerous can be a sharp transition from sofa-office existence in the winter months to active loads on the dacha with the arrival of spring.

You can fight with hypodynamia in different ways. For example, in winter, a group of ladies of a very respectable age pass my window every day. Some of them use their walking poles for Nordic walking, while others go just like that. The first time I said Hello, I asked why they were doing this.

Fitness Products: Start Preparing For Summer

The ladies replied that they had enough work in the summer: the kitchen garden, then in the forest for mushrooms and berries. But in winter there is not enough traffic, so they go for health for six kilometers every day.

Among the cottagers, too, there are many who agree with Aristotle that “movement is life, and life is movement.” As many people who not only lead a healthy lifestyle, but also share their secrets of exercise to maintain health with others and promote the movement for life.

We also suggest that you pay attention to a healthy lifestyle: the range of stores has products that will be relevant for fitness classes at home and on the street.

Fitness gadgets

Of course, in physical education, regularity is important. But the main thing is that it is never too late to start taking care of your health. And early spring is the best time to start instilling healthy habits and prepare for summer.

Fitness Products: Start Preparing For Summer

For example, buy a hand expander – to strengthen the muscles and relieve unpleasant sensations in the hands. This simulator will not take up much space in your bag and will not burden your budget.

Fitness Products: Start Preparing For Summer

If you plan more serious classes-pay attention to the elastic band-expander length of 2 meters. The tape is designed for different loads – 5 and 10 kilograms. And on the back of the package you will find the recommended exercises.

Fitness Products: Start Preparing For Summer

For active fitness classes, a rotating training disc is also useful. This simulator is ideal for strengthening the abdominal muscles, back and leg muscles-just what a summer resident needs to avoid breaking down while digging beds. And at the same time – to correct the waist, removing the folds on the sides, giving away the love of their owner to all sorts of delicious food.

And don’t forget to buy a support belt: it will be useful in training, and at the dacha when you exercise, it will protect your back.

And just convenient things

There are products that are useful not only for athletes. For example, a player with headphones or a bright water bottle will be useful both during sports activities and just on walks.

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