Goods for Autumn Walks

Cottager – being seasonal. The most active period it falls on the spring and summer months. Closer to autumn, the cottager becomes sluggish, and with the onset of persistent cold weather-hibernates.

However, the arrival of autumn coolness to replace the summer heat is not a reason to stop summer vacation. After all, there are so many pleasant ways to spend time outside the city: Hiking in the woods for mushrooms and walking on rustling leaves, gatherings near the cozy crackling fireplace and the last picnics. And in the garden with the garden still a lot to do.

Goods for Autumn Walks

And in all these troubles and pleasures will help shops offering a bunch of goods that will be useful to the cottager (and not only in the fall).

When the storm outside

Autumn is a rainy time. But this will not interfere with the walk of romance: the range of shops has an indispensable thing for walking in any weather – raincoat.

Goods for Autumn Walks

Such a cloak will be at hand at the right time, because when folded it takes up very little space and does not burden in any bag or even pocket. A cloak and you can buy a hat with a scarf – to a pleasant walk in the rain did not cause the typical problems of the off – season-colds and SARS.

When mushrooms grow

Even those who do not like to walk in the rain, will not argue about their undoubted benefits. With autumn rains comes the time of “quiet hunting”. After the rain on Thursday (as, indeed, any day of the week) in the forest mushrooms appear. And many consider this season the best time of the year.

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Goods for Autumn Walks

So, it’s time to buy a plastic basket. Roomy volume (14 liters) will bring home all the trophies found. The basket is easy to wash-plastic is not afraid of water, and perforated walls will not allow mushrooms to “suffocate”.

Goods for Autumn Walks

Everyone to the picnic!

What else can you do in the country? Of course, fry kebabs. Well, or cook pilaf, grilled sausages with eggplant, or finally just bake potatoes. After all, by the end of summer ripened so many useful and tasty vegetables that will be a great addition to juicy meat.

Goods for Autumn Walks

And there is nothing tastier than dishes cooked on an open fire, when the air is clear and fresh in the autumn,and the appetite is just wolfish. To gather around the fire were cozy, buy fleece blankets. Light and bright, easy to erase – they are remarkably comfortable.

Memory of summer holiday

The summer was full of impressions. And pleasant joyful moments were captured in photos. Of course, in the age of digital technology, imprinted impressions are also digital. And the nicer and more valuable are the good old photo albums.

Goods for Autumn Walks

And to beautifully decorate your family storage of memories, buy a set of paper for scrapbooking. And, by the way, colored patterned paper will be useful for making homemade cards and invitations to celebrations. After all time flies imperceptibly, and already quite soon Christmas.

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