Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck

From time immemorial, people follow the events happening around them, astute notice and remember regularly recurring accidents. Subsequently, they are reflected in folk signs and beliefs. For example, observant growers have long noticed the amazing properties of some houseplants that can affect our lives with their strong energy and change it for the worse or better. Going to decorate your home with another green household, refer to folk wisdom and pick a plant that will help you solve a particular problem.

Aloe arborescens

Aloe has achieved popularity not only due to its healing properties. Our grandmothers were well aware of its amazing ability to protect the household from the evil eye, bad influence and accidents, so they always kept aloe in the house.

Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck


This houseplant is a real healer. Heals the flower at the energy level: strengthens health and helps to get rid of physical ailment faster. Oxalis will be useful in any home, and in the room of a person who is sick, will be simply irreplaceable.

Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck


This flower is not for nothing called “female happiness”. The plant surprisingly changes the life of a single woman for the better: it attracts attention from men and helps to find true love. Married and betrothed ladies, this plant will save from quarrels and innuendo with her husband or groom and will help to harmonize relations.

Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck


Single men who have problems in communicating with the opposite sex should have in their bedroom Anthurium, which is called “male happiness”. This catchy flower has a positive effect on male potency, adds charisma to its owner and helps to find his only chosen one.

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Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

To attract love and attention from men, lonely young ladies will not be superfluous to add to Spathiphyllum the Chinese rose possessing similar properties. Having settled in the house, the Eastern sorceress miraculously begins to attract men to it, among whom “the one” soon appears.

Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck


But it is not necessary for unmarried women to start it. She is the flower of loneliness and often intrigues new acquaintances of a male, forcing them to quickly leave the house. But for already established couples who have managed to have children, this green guest will provide the opposite service: it will strengthen the marriage and help to maintain mutual understanding and harmony in the family.

Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck


Cleansing domestic aura not less effectively will engage Impatiens, which since ancient times is famous for its powerful magical force. The flower relieves tenants of negative emotions and replace them with a good mood, extinguishes quarrels at the root and smoothes omissions.

Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck


All varieties of this flower have magical powers, but especially powerful energy is inherent in specimens with red inflorescences. Such a home assistant reliably protects households from damage and the evil eye, and also attracts money to the house.

Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck

Women and men who have not yet met their love should pay attention to Pelargonium with pink flowers. Couples who can not have children or want them to become more, should keep in the bedroom white Pelargonium.


This room flower is the strongest magician and magician, filling the house with happiness and joy. It reliably protects its owners from the machinations of ill-wishers, removes from them bad wishes and curses, neutralizes the spells of black magic.

Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck

Pot with Cyclamen, located in the bedroom, will protect from bad dreams, as well as preserve the ardent passion and increase the fertility of lovers.

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Women who want to strengthen their relationship with her husband and to direct his gaze not to strangers of the female sex, but to themselves, should look at the room Eucharis. This plant will endow its mistress with magical feminine charms, but only if she places the flower pot where it will be regularly illuminated by moonlight.

Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck


If there is no trace of the former passion in the marital relationship, quickly get a room Hedera in the house. This plant miraculously harmonizes the relationship between spouses who have been married for many years, strengthens feelings and helps to kindle a spark with renewed vigor.

Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck


Shy and timid people thanks to this flower will gain confidence in their abilities and free themselves from complexes. Camellia will give its owner self-sufficiency, will help to determine the vocation and choose the path of life.

Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck


For the newlyweds, the best gift will be a pot with Myrtus. It will help to strengthen relations, establish mutual understanding between young spouses and bring happiness and peace to the house.

Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck


But a couple who are on the verge of divorce should immediately get such an energetically strong plant as Calathea. This potted flower will return to the relationship harmony and help to quickly pass the crisis period.

Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck


Unsightly-looking Chlorophytum is useful where there are often quarrels, disagreements and omissions. This applies not only to home premises, but also to the working office. It is noticed that employees, near the table which grows Chlorophytum, always turn out to be the soul of the office team and have no problems in communicating with colleagues or superiors.

Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck


This houseplant will help to cope with financial problems. However, the magic charms of the fat woman will be revealed only if she grows in a red pot and from good care has not small, but large thick leaves.

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Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck


This home flower has similar properties. The plant gives its owner status, prestige, miraculously establishes financial Affairs, brings money luck and wealth.

Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck

Vampires out!

Do not start in your home Dieffenbachia and Monstera – these houseplants are considered powerful energy vampires. They greatly Deplete the mental strength of their owners and bring discord into the relationship. Especially strongly their negative influence is felt in small-sized apartments therefore these green “monsters” it is better to Lodge in public institutions where daily there is a big passability of people. The same applies to indoor ferns-they are famous energy aggressors.

Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck

With caution, you should approach the cacti. With prickly neighbors will get along only “thick-skinned” comrades, but they can reward emotional people with increased aggressiveness and irritability.

Houseplants For Happiness And Good Luck

To believe or not such folk omens, everyone decides for himself. But if the house has long reigned tense atmosphere and repeat the same problems, look at your home colors and replace them for the sake of interest other green Pets. And suddenly beliefs will come true?

Dear readers, have you noticed special abilities in your houseplants? Share with us in the comments your observations and tell us what flowers help you in life, and what green neighbors it is better to get rid of.

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