How To Care For a Lawn Mower And Trimmer So That They Last Longer (Part 1)

The modern owner of a country estate is often also the owner of a decent fleet of motor vehicles: trimmers, lawn mowers, chainsaws, tillers, cultivators, snow plows. Therefore, the gardener must also be a mechanic who serves the entire farm.

As you know, the disease is easier to prevent than to treat. However, this medical truth is most often reminded by the doctor, to whom we were admitted on the occasion of the occurrence and progression of a sore. It is the same with garden equipment — it often happens that at the right moment, for some reason, it does not start, flaps or its service life is far from guaranteed by the manufacturer.

How To Care For a Lawn Mower And Trimmer So That They Last Longer (Part 1)

And the reason for this in most cases is the lack of regular maintenance and the use of low-quality consumables. Comprehensive care and proper use are the key to long service life. We will talk more about how to properly use garden equipment designed for mowing the lawn.

What was in the instructions?

According to research by psychologists, half of us do not read instructions, even if they encounter an unfamiliar device or task. And half of those who still look at the reference documentation before starting any business, look at it superficially. And only 25% carefully read the user’s manual before proceeding to action.

How To Care For a Lawn Mower And Trimmer So That They Last Longer (Part 1)

Of course, every manufacturer of equipment provides their devices with a comprehensive instruction manual (do not be lazy and take the time to read it), so we will mention only the main points.

To each-according to their needs

Proper operation begins with a reasonable choice. Evaluate your needs and choose the equipment according to them.

How To Care For a Lawn Mower And Trimmer So That They Last Longer (Part 1)

Do not buy a powerful unit if you need, for example, to mow only low grass on the lawn: and the purchase will be more expensive, and later fuel consumption will be higher — and more noise. As well as trying to “cut down” tall weeds with a low-power trimmer — and Mature burdocks will remain in their place, and the equipment will be destroyed.

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Running-in of new equipment

Garden motorcycles, having an internal combustion engine, as well as a new car, require running-in, in order for the engine parts to get used to each other: the longevity of the device depends on this.

How To Care For a Lawn Mower And Trimmer So That They Last Longer (Part 1)

To run in a new engine, you need to start the equipment and let it idle for a while. Then work in sparing conditions — at partial speed and without load, that is, do not rush into the weeds with a trimmer at the ready, and mow the lawn in front of the house.

It is not necessary for the first time to develop the entire time resource that the manufacturer expected. After 10-15 minutes of operation, turn off the engine and let the unit cool down.

Make breaks

After you have correctly put a new garden assistant into operation, it is still not worth taking on increased obligations. Internal combustion engines of common models of garden equipment, unlike automobile ones, are equipped with an air cooling system.

It is less efficient than water, so after continuous operation for some time (40-60 minutes), the engine needs time to cool down. Usually manufacturers regulate the time of continuous operation by the volume of the tank: the fuel filling is just enough for the recommended operating time at an average load.

How To Care For a Lawn Mower And Trimmer So That They Last Longer (Part 1)

After the filled fuel has run out, do not rush to fill a new tank — let the engine cool for 10 minutes, or better 20. Do not forget about your favorite — rest, and then the next day after the shock work will not be able to raise your hands. And regular cooling of the engine will protect it from premature wear at high loads.

Do not work in extreme heat

For the same reason — possible engine overheating — do not work in the sun: in extreme heat, the engine overheats much faster than the fuel runs out. This may cause damage to the engine’s piston group. And for the operator, the midday heat is not good — work in the morning or in the evening.

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How To Care For a Lawn Mower And Trimmer So That They Last Longer (Part 1)

What to clean and what to replace?

A brand-new trimmer or lawn mower owner likes and carefully wipes with a cloth after work. But it is worth passing the first joy of the purchase, and now the device, soiled with oil and plastered with garbage, is pushed immediately after work in the corner of the shed.

How To Care For a Lawn Mower And Trimmer So That They Last Longer (Part 1)

Ideally, after each haircut, you should clean the grass from the body, deck and air intakes of the lawn mower. But that’s not all. Here’s something else to remember.

  • Regularly clean the air filter itself: we have already discussed the importance of engine cooling. It is recommended to wash it every 25 hours, and after 100 hours it is worth buying a new one.
  • Make it a rule to mow dry grass, this will have a positive impact on the cleaning process, and on the condition of the cutting elements and the housing.
  • Periodic cleaning or replacement is also required for the fuel filter, which clogging leads to regular engine overloads, and this can put the equipment out of order.
  • Check for the presence of carbon and spark plug, if necessary — clean. This will ensure a consistently fast start of the engine.

How To Care For a Lawn Mower And Trimmer So That They Last Longer (Part 1)

Choose your speed

Do not work on the principle of “first gas to failure, and then we will see”: choose the correct mode of operation, optimally adjusting the fuel supply and, accordingly, the engine speed.

How To Care For a Lawn Mower And Trimmer So That They Last Longer (Part 1)

For trimming high and coarse grass with a trimmer (if your unit is able to do this at all), you need medium speed, for the lawn — low. And to use a motorcycle mower to destroy the young growth of bushes, you will need full power. At the same time, do not forget about point 3: the higher the load, the more frequent and longer breaks are needed.

The correct snap-in

Basically, this advice applies to trimmers, because lawnmowers do not have a special choice of cutting consumables. But for motorcycles on sale you can find a variety of options for fishing lines and knives.

How To Care For a Lawn Mower And Trimmer So That They Last Longer (Part 1)

In the instructions, the manufacturer specifies the preferred diameter of the cutting line. Therefore, do not deviate much from these recommendations, trying to use the thickest fishing line. As a rule, it is confused and worse comes out of the hole of the trimmer head. As well as variants with a variety of shaped sections, a toothed surface, and other inventions.

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If you plan to mow rough grass, and the capabilities of a conventional cord are not enough, it is more correct (and more effective, by the way) not to look for a more powerful nylon fishing line on sale, but to put a knife. Knives also come in different types, they are selected for the task. Do not forget, when choosing which knife for the trimmer is better, take into account the engine power. And in General-the very possibility of using a knife in the model of your trimmer: look at the first point about choosing a tool in accordance with the tasks.

How To Care For a Lawn Mower And Trimmer So That They Last Longer (Part 1)

Do not engage in Amateur activities!

Regarding the question about cutting equipment for mowing, it is worth Recalling that attempts to use unsuitable consumables (steel wire or cable instead of fishing line, homemade, damaged or from another tool cutting knives or disks) lead not only to the breakdown of the mower, but also to the risk of injury to both the employee and others.

If you are going to mow rough grass and you are afraid that in the thickets you may meet stones or metal objects that can damage the disk, buy plastic knives — if possible, they will not give way to metal cutting, but they will not deform when struck.

How To Care For a Lawn Mower And Trimmer So That They Last Longer (Part 1)

A bent knife can not be used: it has a broken balance — the deformed blade will create an excessive load on the shaft and, as a result, on the engine. Besides, it’s just dangerous. Do not try to correct the curvature of the knife on your own: in everyday conditions, this is impossible.

To protect yourself and others, follow the rules for using the equipment (they are also described in the instructions) and take care of special clothing and protective equipment.

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