How to Choose a Variety of Cucumbers for Greenhouses

Even a novice greenhouse owner knows that in our country you can grow bananas, but you need to get a private Botanical garden. And there are no lovers of this exotic fruit, which would put it on his bed.

But it is this mistake that every single gardener makes in relation to the cucumbers that have become habitual. It is believed that the varieties (and gardeners, and authors of books on growing cucumbers no longer make a difference between the variety and the hybrid) cucumbers for greenhouses are easy to choose, the benefit of stores for seeds of this crop is allocated the largest number of shelves.

On the reverse side of the bright bags gives attractive information that clearly States that these varieties of cucumbers for the greenhouse optimal. And what characteristics still need to pay attention?

A little about the timing of maturation

Early maturity is determined by the number of days from full shoots (not from the first timid cotyledon leaves, and mass shoots, when it is already possible to appoint terms of thinning, when strong and weak sprouts are visible) to the first collection of greens. Not the first and only frightened cucumber that accidentally caught the eye, but at least ten pieces.

How to Choose a Variety of Cucumbers for Greenhouses

  • early varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses and open ground need from 40 to 50 days to give the first harvest;
  • to early maturing include those varieties that require only 40-42 days. For example, the variety ‘Altai’, which is recommended for cultivation in the open field, the first harvest can bestow on 35 days from full shoots, and on 44 days;
  • medium-sized varieties of cucumbers will please the gardener’s first harvest in about 50-60 days from full germination;
  • medium late varieties of cucumbers grow — 60-70 days.
  • late-maturing varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses are unlikely to be relevant in the unpredictable climate, because they may require almost 2.5 months for the birth of the first children.
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Carefully read the descriptions of varieties and hybrids

On the reverse side of one of the bags with cucumber seeds indicated that it belongs to the group of middle — aged-from planting to fruiting 42-44 days. Everything is written correctly, but in the store crowd it is not immediately possible to realize that this cucumber will need additional time to ascend, grow and get stronger before you get out of the seedling Cup into the ground of the greenhouse.

How to Choose a Variety of Cucumbers for Greenhouses

It is a pity that the manufacturer describes its product.

Be sure to consider the recommendations for the light zone

‘Antey F1’ — a wonderful cucumber: taste is excellent, not afraid of a mosaic of ant, bacterial, disease. Besides, early maturing, to the giants is not true, handsome and salad and for pickling. It is recommended to grow under film covers or in greenhouses. Buy it? Certainly. Especially if the seed producer promises a harvest of 13 kg per square meter.

How to Choose a Variety of Cucumbers for Greenhouses

Yes, it will be so (with small amendments), if the owner of the garden lives in the I light zone.

If the gardener comes from the III light zone, the maximum harvest will not exceed 9 kilograms. This is ideal.

And all because this variety of cucumber for greenhouses is recommended for cultivation in the I and III light zones. But greenhouses are unheated winter, not heated film shelters!

Where to find reliable information about varieties and hybrids

In The full range catalog. In this folio you will not find many varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses, which are sold in specialized stores. The catalog describes only those varieties that are included in the Register, where each is assigned a code.

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