How To Plant And Care For Poppy

Quivering petals of poppies excite the imagination. This fiery flower was well known in ancient Rome, where it was still successfully used in medicine.

Poppy is a herb belonging to the Poppy family. Poppy is perennial, biennial and annual. In total, about 100 species grow in nature.

How To Plant And Care For Poppy

Single flowers of the correct form gracefully located on a long thin stem, sometimes omitted, sometimes-smooth.

How To Plant And Care For Poppy

Delicate green carved leaves in perfect harmony with the delicate shades of scarlet, pink, yellow, white, orange and even two-color flowers.

How To Plant And Care For Poppy

Poppy fruit-a box, as if closed on top of a round carved lid.

How To Plant And Care For Poppy

Poppy — the plant is undemanding, but some of the features in the planting and care is still there.

Poppy seed

For all types of poppy there is a General requirement for sowing: to exclude stagnation of water and close occurrence of groundwater. The soil is suitable for both neutral and slightly acidic reaction. It is best to use loose light soil (loam, sandy loam), although poppy can grow on any

The seedling method for poppies is not used, because they perfectly germinate and grow in spring sowing immediately into the ground. Many sow under the snow in the spring to get early shoots. Between annual plants it is better to leave about 25 cm For perennials it is better to take a little more.

Poppies will delight with beautiful flowering, if you make organic and mineral fertilizers in the soil in advance. This can be done in the autumn.

Poppy care

Specific care poppy does not require: in severe drought will be grateful for watering, fertilizer responsive, but without them will not die. It is necessary to remove weeds and loosen the soil around the plant (so that there is less hassle, it can be mulched). Perennial species of poppy do not require shelter for the winter.

Poppy reproduction

Perennial poppies can be propagated by seeds, root and green cuttings. On the cuttings it is better to take the side shoots that grow in late summer or early spring. After a couple of weeks, the cuttings will take root, they will have to grow for 1-2 years.

Seed collection

Seeds need to be collected when the foliage has withered or turned yellow, and the box is completely dry, and small holes have opened between it and the cap.

How To Plant And Care For Poppy

Seeds should be dark gray, almost black.

Types and varieties of poppy

Papaver somniferum

Most often we meet with annual sleeping pills poppy. The flowers can be of varying degrees of double and color: pink, red, purple, purple, lilac, white; diameter of about 15 cm; plant height of about 90 cm.

How To Plant And Care For Poppy

Papaver rhoeas

Annual herb about 80 cm in height. Flowers from simple to double and semi-double, different colors: pink, red, white, with a border (red, white).

How To Plant And Care For Poppy

Papaver nudicaule

Perennial. Low (about 20-50 cm), the flowers are small, about 5 cm in diameter, but can be yellow, white, orange.

How To Plant And Care For Poppy

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