How To Plant And Care For Zucchini

Zucchini leaves have more decorative, its taste is more delicate and rich. In addition, zucchini can be eaten raw, using in salads. And the keeping quality of zucchini is better than that of ordinary squash. And yet more zucchini female flowers compared to a normal squash. In General, just ideal for the gardener.

Fruits in zucchini can be from dark green to rich Golden color, with a smooth color or”striped”. Their shape can also be different-oblong or round, and the size of the fruit can be no more than a small ball or finger. All these parameters depend on the type of

How To Plant And Care For Zucchini

Planting zucchini

Zucchini likes well-lit areas or areas with scattered sunlight. The soil is better to choose loose, sandy loam. zucchini, like many plants of the pumpkin family, prefers soils of normal acidity. In autumn, with a shovel, I dig the area for spring planting, bring rotted manure and superphosphate, add wood ash to reduce the acidity of the soil.

Zucchini is not recommended to plant after the pumpkin relatives in order to avoid diseases. But good predecessors will be legumes, cabbage and nightshade.

Shortly before planting, dig over the soil, leveled it with a rake. I pour ammonium nitrate. Dig holes, mix a handful of soil, humus and wood ash and place in the hole so that the roots are not directly in contact with the ash. The hole is spilled and the seeds are placed in the hole,I put three seeds, then break through the extra. But you can put two seeds, after germination to break through the weaker sprout. zucchini need space for growth and development, so the distance between the holes take at least 50 cm, and close up no deeper than 7 cm on heavy soil depth of the reserve can be taken less, somewhere 4 cm after planting mulch soil. Usually dry land.

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How To Plant And Care For Zucchini

Care for zucchini

Caring for zucchini is weeding, loosening the soil and watering. Watering is especially necessary during flowering and fruit formation.

It is useful to feed the plant with liquid phosphorus-potassium fertilizers (during the formation of fruits). Before flowering, you can pour liquid mullein.

How To Plant And Care For Zucchini


Zucchini in milk maturity weight of about 500 g taken to pluck and eat fresh.

For storage and subsequent cooking tear at the time of technical maturity (when the zucchini is ripe, but not ripe until the end of the seeds), while its mass is much more zelentsa. During storage, it Matures.

The seeds need to leave the zucchini is fully ripe. I harvested when the stalk dries out, the zucchini gets nutrients.

How To Plant And Care For Zucchini

Zucchini varieties and hybrids

Zucchini ” Ronda”

This handsome man looked after herself in the garden for the next year. His rounded striped fruit immediately attracts the eye, “little pumpkin” with a tender juicy flesh. During the growing season will give you a lot of fruit. This is due to the extended period of fruiting. It is middle-early varieties of zucchini. Fruit color light green-gray with dark vertical stripes and light specks. Perfect for pickling. Harvesting should be carried out when the fruits are already about 10 cm.

How To Plant And Care For Zucchini

Zucchini ” Zolotinka”

The name of this variety of zucchini speaks of the beautiful Golden color of its delicate thin skin and the same pulp. Fruits oval, small.Refers to early maturing varieties.

How To Plant And Care For Zucchini

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