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Patisson: Planting, Growing, Caring

Squash-annual herbaceous plants shrub or semi-shrub shape. I grow different in colour and shape of the squash. What exactly are these varieties, I am already lost to answer, especially since they grow on the same area with zucchini and are pollinated, respectively, too. Planting the squash Squash propagated by seeds. […]

How To Plant And Care For Zucchini

Zucchini leaves have more decorative, its taste is more delicate and rich. In addition, zucchini can be eaten raw, using in salads. And the keeping quality of zucchini is better than that of ordinary squash. And yet more zucchini female flowers compared to a normal squash. In General, just ideal […]

Aesculus – Decorative Healing Tree

Aesculus is a decorative deciduous tree that decorates gardens, squares and parks. Aesculus (unlike sweet chestnut) belongs to the Sapindaceae family. Beautiful fluffy inflorescences on the background of carved leaves, serve as a worthy decoration of suburban areas of a large area. Why big? – because aesculus is able to […]

Planting, Growing, Caring for Cotinus

In spring, the shrub is covered with very beautiful fluffy inflorescences. With the arrival of autumn comes the second wave of admiring the plant-the color of its leaves is so diverse and magnificent that can not be described! Imagine a shrub blazing in the autumn sun with all shades of […]

How To Plant And Care For Turnip

Today I want to share with you the experience of growing turnips, talk about the types and varieties of this undeservedly lost popularity of root. But turnip is much more useful than potatoes, in addition to many trace elements it contains glucoraphanin, which reduces the likelihood of cancer and diabetes […]

How To Plant And Care For Salvia

For as long as I can remember, Salvia grew up in our garden — first in my grandmother’s, then in my mother’s, and now in mine. Its charming and slightly intoxicating aroma enveloped him, filling the entire space around him, as if absorbing and conquering everything in its path. Love […]

Cineraria in the Garden

Many of us, choosing a plant for the border, want it to be decorative, eye-catching, while well framed paths or favorably emphasized bright flower beds. Cineraria is what you need! Cineraria has many species that are very different from each other in appearance: herbaceous flowers and ornamental shrubs. Cineraria flowers […]

Such a Different Mint

Already about 2 weeks I have blooms peppermint. This plant is one of my favorites. Peppermint essential oil inspires and renews. Mint is so versatile that it can be used in medicine, perfumes, cooking. Not only is mint tea can lift your mood, and even meat with mint quite differently […]