How to Replace the Christmas Tree: Choose a Christmas Tree

Tart Christmas fragrance-a constant attribute of the holiday. But, as it turned out, not everyone wants to decorate the house with this tree, which has long become a symbol of new year celebrations.

It’s all about the flaws she has. On the one hand, in hot and dry rooms at a fir-tree needles constantly fall off, and recently fluffy branches promptly “grow bald”, losing former appeal. On the other-according to some psychics, fluffy beauty is able to provoke bouts of melancholy in particularly sensitive individuals, and its energy does not have to optimism. And if you are so impressionable to reckon with such arguments-we offer to find a replacement!

Candidate #1. Cypress

It is considered a tree of love and marriage and may well help to find a soul mate in the coming year.

How to Replace the Christmas Tree: Choose a Christmas Tree

In appearance, cypress is very similar to a miniature fluffy Christmas tree, but has a significant drawback-it grows too fast. If you decide to stop at it your choice-stock up on a sharp pruner to cut long branches and cut off the sprouted shoots. The most original variety of plants – ‘Gold Forest’, representatives of which have Golden needles. This article will tell you about the cultivation of cypresses.

Candidate #2. Larch

This lovely tree will certainly give good luck in the New year, and-according to legend-will protect children from disease and adversity.

How to Replace the Christmas Tree: Choose a Christmas Tree

But keep in mind that all its beauty it acquires with age, when it ceases to fit in a cramped room. Therefore, such a Christmas tree can either be dressed up in the yard of a country house or cut branches from an adult plant and put them in a vase on the holiday table.

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Candidate #3. Fir

It gives strength of mind and the ability to act decisively. And such a useful influence will be especially strong if you limit yourself to a minimum of decorations and plant a tree in the center of the largest room in the apartment or in the house.

How to Replace the Christmas Tree: Choose a Christmas Tree

A nice bonus: the needles of this plant does not prickle and does not crumble, and the aroma facilitates the course of respiratory diseases.

Candidate #4. Pine

Here the pros and cons are almost balanced: on the one hand, setting resinous beauty, you will surely stain not only clothes, but everything around, so do not forget about the gloves.

How to Replace the Christmas Tree: Choose a Christmas Tree

In addition, due to the peculiarities of the addition, it will need much more space than an ordinary Christmas tree. On the other, the pine tree stays green, its spines will crumble in the first three days. The aroma of pine needles at room temperature will not be too bright and saturated, but if you place a heater in the neighborhood – it will open in all its glory and save you and your loved ones from insomnia and nervous excitement.

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