It is Warmer than Fire … Which Will Warm us in the Winter Cold

Do you think we’ll talk about fireplaces, warm sweaters and warming drinks? You’re wrong. We have already talked about all this, and more than once, so it is safe to say that we have warmed the body. And I propose to talk about another warm, which goes from heart to heart, which warms the soul, so much so that the crackling cold is not cold.

We are always short of time – the everyday concerns and Affairs are drawn an endless series. Care about a career, the desire to earn more to make us all time and energy to give to work, we steal from loved ones. We almost do not notice how our children grow up, we do not remember when we visited their parents, we often barely have enough strength to watch TV… the saddest thing is that it becomes the norm: if at first conscience still protests, gradually her voice becomes quieter and quieter, and then completely silences. But warm loved ones so easy! Give them something that you can not buy for any treasure, something that comes from the heart — attention, care and love.

Warm memories

How often do we review old photos, children’s drawings, videos? I’m sure I’m not mistaken if I assume that very rarely. And in vain, because they are the key to pleasant memories.

It is Warmer than Fire ... Which Will Warm us in the Winter Cold

Well, tell me, does anyone in everyday life remember the joyful excitement, which even trembled knees when you signed your Union? Or the state of boundless happiness when your hands first took the most precious burden in the world-the firstborn? Doubt. So look, relive the exciting moments of your life, and your soul will be warmed by pleasant memories.

Visit your parents

And not alone – nagrania the whole family, if you have Pets, be sure to take them! And do not limit yourself to a visit of politeness for half an hour – stay for a day or two. Let your parents again plunge into the atmosphere of a large family, where children do not know how to talk quietly, dogs and confused underfoot, after dinner in the sink a mountain of dirty dishes, and so on, you can continue.

It is Warmer than Fire ... Which Will Warm us in the Winter Cold

So you make them happy twice: the first time-when you arrive, the second-when you leave. It’s a joke, but it’s true. Most older people quickly get tired of the hustle and bustle, change the usual way of life (albeit briefly). Therefore, sincere sadness about your departure will still be diluted with at least a little bit of relief – you can finally return to a quiet quiet life. However, even the most severe fatigue from the visit of beloved children and grandchildren will not overshadow the state of happiness that will warm your parents for a very long time!

Children are our future

It’s a common phrase, but that’s the way it is: what we give them now, we get from them in old age. Do not pay off children with money and gifts – they need your attention, approval, they need to feel that they are loved! And not in words, but in deeds. Put aside business and worries, let the whole world wait-your children are more important! Watch a cartoon with them or play a computer game – not that the younger generation and without us spends a lot of time at the screen. Drag them outside to sled and skate, play snowballs and sculpt snowmen!

It is Warmer than Fire ... Which Will Warm us in the Winter Cold

Believe me, you yourself will get unforgettable pleasure, plunge into the atmosphere of carefree happiness. And there is nothing to say about children – you will see how their eyes will Shine, how their cheeks will be flushed, how fun they will laugh. No one will be cold-warmth will warm so that you will still unbutton coats and jackets!

It is Warmer than Fire ... Which Will Warm us in the Winter Cold


If you have a domestic cat or dog, give them a piece of warmth. Even if you take good care of them (full feed, built them a comfortable shelter from the cold), from the attention and affection of the owner they will never give up. Just stroke the cat, scratch behind the ear, talk gently. It’s so simple, and the animal will be in seventh heaven. Believe me, you will certainly warm your heart from the grateful cat purring!

It is Warmer than Fire ... Which Will Warm us in the Winter Cold

Just imagine how happy will be a chain dog, if you let him run around the yard or take a walk. Most likely joyful emotions overwhelm the dog’s soul, and quite a solid animal will behave like a playful puppy.

It is Warmer than Fire ... Which Will Warm us in the Winter Cold

Well, who can remain indifferent, looking at a completely happy dog?

Keep everyone warm!

My husband is engaged in repair of coppers. And they often fail in the most severe frosts. Once (just in such a cold season) received an application from a neighboring town. It seems to be not far (40 km), but the ice on the road – mirror, and called already 10 PM. He’s pathetic – people get cold! – driven. The hostess (mother and daughter, the latter has long since retired) met him bundled up so that only the eyes visible.

It is Warmer than Fire ... Which Will Warm us in the Winter Cold

It turns out that they have several days to live with no heat – no one was able to fix the boiler. Imagine their despair when it turned out that you need to return to the village for a spare part. They didn’t believe it when he promised to go for the necessary detail and to return. I will not tire you with a long story: he repaired the boiler, got home by three o’clock in the morning. Gray hair I have has increased (Ah very slippery the road was!), but warmed the soul of his act! And not only me: since then passed several winters and years, but mother and daughter until now congratulate his with holidays.

It is Warmer than Fire ... Which Will Warm us in the Winter Cold

And do not be afraid to spend the entire stock of your warmth: the more you give, the more you get in return. I know that!

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