Hydrangea Paniculate: the Best Varieties and Not Only (Part 2)

The more varieties I list, the more clearly I understand that none of them will get the palm. It is impossible to distinguish the best grade among such tremendous beauty. All paniculate Princess incredibly good and each of them fascinates with its chic decoration. Therefore, whatever variety you put on your site, obviously one-paniculate hydrangea in any of its attire once and for all will win your heart and become the main decoration of the garden.

Variety ‘Limelight’

A huge number of fans bought an amazing variety ‘Limelight’. This shrub forms a very decorative crown of rounded shape, reaching 2 m in height and width. During the flowering period, which falls on the second half of summer and September, almost every escape puts on its top a dense wide-conical hat about 30 cm long.

Hydrangea Paniculate: the Best Varieties and Not Only (Part 2)

A distinctive feature of the inflorescences is not only the size and strong aroma, but also color. It delights the audience with an unusual greenish-lemon shade.

This color ‘Limelight’ shows at the beginning of its flowering. Later, the flower petals become creamy white, and by the autumn of the inflorescence of this magnificent hydrangea acquire a pale pink color, which adds to her tenderness and refinement.

Hydrangea Paniculate: the Best Varieties and Not Only (Part 2)

The variety is winter-hardy, tolerates frosts of the middle zone and the North-West, and when freezing it quickly recovers.

Variety ‘Diamant Rouge’

It is unlikely that someone will leave indifferent charming variety ‘Diamant Rouge’, stands out in the autumn, perhaps, the brightest shades of pink in comparison with other paniculate beauties. This shrub reaches a height of 1.5 m and a diameter of 1 m. its Distinctive feature-early and long flowering (June – September).

Hydrangea Paniculate: the Best Varieties and Not Only (Part 2)

The plant forms a very large obtuse panicles, which in the first couple of weeks flaunt their snow-white petals, and then in a fairly short period change color to purple.

Hydrangea Paniculate: the Best Varieties and Not Only (Part 2)

The autumn adds “special effects” and the foliage – it becomes green instead of red-orange. The variety feels great both in the sun and in the scattered shade of trees, is winter hardiness and does not require additional insulation for the winter.

Variety ‘Sundae Fraise’

Undoubtedly, it is worth noting fantastically beautiful variety ‘Sundae Fraise’, striking the imagination with its spectacular inflorescences. Flower garlands of this hydrangea reach a length of 25-30 cm, have a wide-conical shape and cause shoots to bend under the weight of its beauty. The plant has a spreading crown up to 1.5 m (in rare cases up to 2 m).

Hydrangea Paniculate: the Best Varieties and Not Only (Part 2)

Splash in the plot, this hydrangea produces already in the middle of June – she drew attention to their delicious creamy ice cream cones. A few weeks later, a pink wave begins to make its way from the base of the panicles to the tops and by the end of the season paints them in an incomparable purple-lilac hue. The plant is undemanding to the illumination of the growing area, has good winter hardiness.

Variety ‘Pastel Green’

Among paniculate hydrangeas stands out for its unusual decoration variety ‘Pastel Green’ -a compact shrub height of 1.5-2 m, pleasing to the eye for 4 months (June-September). The highlight of this variety is the amazing color of its numerous round-conical inflorescences, reaching a diameter of 15-20 cm.

Hydrangea Paniculate: the Best Varieties and Not Only (Part 2)

First, they turn the shrub into a snow-white cloud, then paint it in cream tones, and then create a kind of shimmering effect that lasts until the end of summer. The petals are painted in several shades – pistachio, cream, lemon, pale pink and salmon. By the autumn masquerade subsides and hydrangea appears in his main ball gown purple-red.

Hydrangea Paniculate: the Best Varieties and Not Only (Part 2)

In addition to its high decorative variety shows excellent winter hardiness and does not need sunlight throughout the day.

Variety ‘Shikoku Flash’

Challenges all other contestants in the competition “the most beautiful paniculate hydrangea “variety’ Shikoku Flash’, which deserves all praise not only for the amazing beauty of its lush inflorescences, but also for the unusual color of the foliage. Unlike its paniculate sisters, this shrub looks incredibly impressive throughout the growing season, because it has an amazing variegated foliage that combines Golden, cream and green shades.

Hydrangea Paniculate: the Best Varieties and Not Only (Part 2)

And when in the middle of summer the Bush blooms, it becomes impossible to take your eyes off. Large round-conical loose inflorescences on the background of colorful foliage look just amazing. At the beginning of flowering, they have a greenish-lemon color, later painted in a creamy color, and in the autumn become pale pink.

Hydrangea Paniculate: the Best Varieties and Not Only (Part 2)

This spectacular variegated variety grows well in both Sunny and shaded areas. It shows not only good frost resistance, but also the envy of other moisture-loving princesses shows a high tolerance for drought.

And if your garden has long settled such a beauty, be sure to tell us in the comments about her outfit and character, do not forget to specify the name of the variety. This will help confused gardeners quickly make the right choice, and at the same time introduce them to other spectacular varieties of this wonderful shrub.

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