Planting Bulbs In Autumn: November – It’s Not Too Late!

To paraphrase a well-known saying, we can say that every culture has its own time. So decorative bulbous plants have their own life schedule. As a rule, those that require autumn planting are planted in the first half of autumn, before October 15. What should I do if it’s already November outside, and the bag contains planting material-just purchased or received in the mail?


Do not try to save late-purchased bulbs in normal home conditions. As a rule, all wrapping and other methods do not lead to a good result, and either the planting material dies completely, or it is impossible to wait for flowers from it.

Planting Bulbs In Autumn: November - It's Not Too Late!

It is best to bury these bulbs in the ground for a permanent place, even if all the recommended terms have passed. A well-known landscape designer advises planting decorative bulbous plants as long as the soil in the garden is still being dug. This may be the middle or even the end of November, depending on the region and the current weather situation in a particular autumn. You definitely can not plant these plants only when the ground is already frozen completely-so that it does not take a shovel.

Features of late planting

In the intended place, a hole is dug in the usual way. Its depth is about 2.5-3 heights of the bulb. Then you need to pour sand on the bottom of the hole, and create a layer of this loose material, and not just dust the ground.

Planting Bulbs In Autumn: November - It's Not Too Late!

Put the bulbs on the sand and sprinkle them again with sand. And after that, we finally fill the hole with the removed soil. You don’t need to water it. Now the newly planted bulbs need to be covered a little. For this purpose, a flap of dense lutrasil is suitable, which you need to fold in half, and then press something to the ground.

In many regions, real frosts come only in December, and before that time you can have time to “jump into the last car” of the season: organize a wonderful flower garden that will decorate your garden next spring.

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