Pools For a Summer House

I think many in the hot summer days dream to go away from the noisy and dusty city to relax by the pond: plunge into the water, sunbathe on the beach. Or swim in the pool after a tedious work in the suburban area-what could be better? After all, this pastime allows you to relax both body and soul!

Unfortunately, not everyone has time to visit the beaches. But if you have a suburban area, then realize the dream of your own pond becomes much easier!

You can easily organize the construction of the pool-on the Internet a huge amount of information on its arrangement with their own hands. Or buy-now many companies offer a huge range of pools. It all depends on your money and the place on the site. In this article I will tell you about different types of country pools. Let’s begin!

Country pools can be both simple and difficult to install. They are plastic and inflatable. There are also teams and stationary. If you have free space on the site, I advise you to order stationary (I have just such), they are very durable and will serve you for more than 10 years!

Stationary pool

To this pool you can connect special equipment for filtering and heating water, hydro massage. But it has disadvantages:

  • it takes a long time to install;
  • preparatory work required;
  • the highest cost among all country pools.

Pools For a Summer House

The stationary pool can be concreted, tiled, and dug into the ground plastic (polypropylene) capacity. These pools are long-lasting and durable thanks to the polypropylene constituting the cup itself.

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Pools For a Summer House

Plastic pools are installed on a pre-prepared concrete base, which is covered with thermal insulation and geotextiles.

Prefabricated (frame) pools

Can be dug into the ground or installed on the surface. If there is free space, I advise you to put the pool in the pit —the design will not catch the eye and may spoil the surrounding view. If you have small children, you just need to fence the pool to avoid accidents!

Pools For a Summer House

Such pools come in various forms: round, oval, rectangular and so on. The construction is strong and durable. As for the price: I think many can afford this kind of pool, especially in the summer, when they are quite a good discount.

Inflatable pool

The most practical and easy to install, take up little storage space, and the abundance of shapes and sizes allows everyone to find an option for the soul. If the inflatable pool is large, it is better to use an electric pump for pumping (manually filling it with air is very difficult and long).

Pools For a Summer House

Choose the appropriate option for you. But remember: if you are not confident in their abilities in the construction or installation of the pool, it is definitely better to contact the profile firm, otherwise this whole idea will be a waste of time and money! And if you still decide to build or mount a pool yourself, do not forget that it is better to measure seven times and cut off once. Good luck!

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