Redoing The Bedside Table From IKEA

Buying interior items in furniture hypermarkets, we get a completely standard thing, no different from the mass of the same. I propose to personalize the average bedside table from IKEA, make it more cozy, more your own.

When I still did not have such a large number of tools that I have at my disposal now, I was very fond of aging wood and used a grinder and a brushing brush for this. With this simple tool, I made a lot of original things for the interior. And it occurred to me to remake the bedside table from IKEA. This ordinary metal table without any decorative elements is an ideal basis for a new countertop.

In order to implement my plans, I will use a minimal set of tools so that each of you can repeat my experience or, based on it, come up with something of your own.

List of tools

  • Brush for brushing
  • USM with speed control
  • Circular saw. (By the way, if you don’t have such a saw, you can use a jigsaw-and then align the edges with a plane)
  • Guide rail for the saw
  • Clamps for the tire
  • Clamps
  • Plane

Redoing The Bedside Table From IKEA


Pine board, glue, putty on wood, varnish.

The essence of the idea is simple — I will add a little wood to the metal structure, namely, I will make a wooden countertop. The design of the table itself will not undergo any changes. The main work will be with a wooden element.

We make a wooden countertop

Since my board is not enough in width, I will make a canvas of two parts. If you have a board of the right width, this is just perfect. So, first I need to level the wood. It is better to get rid of the curves right now (you can do this with a plane): if this is not done immediately, it will be difficult to glue it exactly after cutting.

Redoing The Bedside Table From IKEA

I cut two blanks — two halves of the future countertop. Now it is necessary to align the ends so that after gluing, a complete canvas is obtained.

It is important to arrange the halves correctly — as indicated in the figure. When drying, this position of the fibers will not allow the web to bend.

Redoing The Bedside Table From IKEA

We process the ends with glue and tighten them with clamps. When the glue dries, the resulting canvas must be leveled. Again, we use a plane.

When the canvas is smooth, you can start brushing. To do this, I use an ear and a brush for brushing.

Redoing The Bedside Table From IKEA

Pine is a grateful material for aging, since it has both soft and hard fibers in the composition. By cleaning the soft ones, we release the hard ones — thus we get an active wood pattern.

We clean the surface from dust and apply putty. I chose the white color so that the picture was contrasting. In addition, my bedroom already has interior items made in a similar style, and the table will harmoniously complement the image. Using a rubber spatula, we process the entire surface, filling all the recesses. You can apply the composition with a certain margin — but not too much, so that you do not have to clean off the excess for a long time.

When the putty is completely dried, you can proceed to grinding. I use a grinder and sandpaper with a grain size of 80. If there is no grinder, wind sandpaper on any bar and treat the surface manually. As soon as it became clear that the drawing suits us, we will adjust the canvas to the size of our countertop. For these purposes, I used a circular saw for the first time.

When the workpiece corresponds to the size, we sand the entire surface with sandpaper with a smaller grain size.

Redoing The Bedside Table From IKEA

We treat the countertop with a water-based varnish. I cover the facade and the ends with two layers, and the bottom with one in order to save the composition.

Now let’s take a table and drill 4 holes in its tabletop. To do this, we use a screwdriver and metal drills. We fix the wooden canvas. Done.

Redoing The Bedside Table From IKEA

As a result of simple and uncomplicated maneuvers, we got a personalized interior item.

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