Resuscitate Conifers After Sunburn

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It is known that problems with coniferous plants begin from the first days of spring. And first of all, this is a sunburn. It often happens that at the beginning of winter there is little snow, and the soil under the plants freezes deeply with the arrival of frosts. And then, after the snowfall, there is a dazzling white blanket of snow. Then in January-February, in frosty sunny weather, sunburn appears.

Needles in the cold and the sun lose moisture, and the plant can not make up for it at the expense of the roots – the root system freezes. By spring, the trees are already covered with red needles, especially on the southern side. Conifers are most affected in the first year after planting — they have not yet had time to develop a root system.

Some species and varieties of coniferous trees have low frost resistance, so they are inevitable sunburn. For planting such plants, you need to choose the most protected places, in the fall, sprinkle the circle of the trunk with peat or shavings to prevent the root system from freezing. In the first year after planting, you should shade the crown with a facade mesh or a covering non-woven material.

However, such measures do not always save you from sunburn. Then there is the question of resuscitation of coniferous species. And here an important role is played by early spring watering and the use of growth regulators. When affected, no more than 35-40% of the crown is affected.

Thus, resuscitation of coniferous crops from burns includes at least 4-5 treatments in April-May. If necessary, the number of waterings increases. Of course, all this time it is necessary to regularly water the plants so that the soil is moist.

Resuscitate Conifers After Sunburn

It is important to remember that when resuscitating coniferous plants, growth regulators should be used in combination with mineral fertilizers. Then the plants recover and develop much faster. When repeated spraying, a preparation for improving photosynthesis and a preparation with trace elements can be added to the working solution.

The method of applying fertilizers (root, foliar feeding), types of fertilizers (organic, mineral, organo-mineral) are important. During the season, the ratio of nutrients and the composition of trace elements should vary depending on the phase of plant development. For simplicity, you can use the “spring-summer” fertilizer complex at the beginning of the season, and from the end of July – the “autumn” complex, supplementing them with appropriate trace elements. Significant doses of potassium and phosphorus in autumn fertilizers are necessary to prepare the plant for winter and significantly reduce the risk of sunburn.

Thus, the problem of sunburn is solved by the selection of plant varieties, competent care throughout the season, shelter for the winter and only partially – resuscitation of the plant.

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