Spring is Here. Or Not Yet?

Growers, gardeners, and other stakeholders with interest glancing at the weather forecasts and street thermometer. Spring officially began almost a month ago. But the abundance of all kinds of calendars and ways to count the time to celebrate the arrival of spring, when it is more convenient.

Calendar spring

According to the Gregorian calendar – the system of chronology, officially adopted in most States – spring begins on March 1. This day celebrates the arrival of spring. As a symbol of spring people give each other boutonnieres, woven from white and red threads.

Spring is Here. Or Not Yet?

Astronomical spring

According to astronomers, spring begins on the day of the vernal equinox. This year the day became equal to the night of March 20. With astronomers, in principle, were agree and Slavic peoples: spring season lasted from 25 March until 23 June. On the day of the vernal equinox, our ancestors began not only spring, but also the year. As, however, and astronomers.

Spring on the Eastern calendar

The Eastern or Chinese calendar also believes that the spring Festival and the New year are one and the same. Chinese New year, aka spring holiday, is celebrated on different days: this day falls on the second new moon from the winter solstice. This year, spring in China, as well as in Vietnam and Tibet (there is also used this system of reference years), began on February 4.

Spring is Here. Or Not Yet?

In China, another type of calendar (in addition to the official Gregorian) is used – agricultural. And what is interesting: the Chinese agricultural calendar – solar: Chinese peasants, unlike Rudolf Steiner (occultist, esotericist and the first compiler of the lunar sowing calendar), believed that plants depend on the movement of the Sun, not the moon.

In total, there are 24 seasons in the agricultural calendar, determined by the movement of the Sun along the Ecliptic. The names of the seasons are traditionally poetic. For example, the period from February 19 to March 6 is called “rain water”, from March 6 to March 20 – “it’s time to Wake up the larvae.”

Spring on the Jewish calendar

Spring months in the Jewish calendar are also three: Nisan, Iyar, Sevan.

Spring is Here. Or Not Yet?

But when spring begins, it is not easy for a Jew to determine – the Jewish calendar is one of the most difficult, it has no periodicity, and the year can be twelve months, or maybe thirteen. In 2018 (5778 according to the Jewish calendar) 1 Nisan coincides with March 17.

Martian spring

As long as the earthlings are going to colonize Mars (and, they say, it will happen very soon – Bas Lansdorp, the head of the project “Mars One”, plans the beginning of colonization in 2022, when the orbits of Earth and Mars once again as close as possible – this happens once in 15-17 years), it would be nice to know when the Martian spring begins.

Spring is Here. Or Not Yet?

Earthlings are used to the fact that all four seasons on our home planet, despite the different start and end times in different calendars, have the same duration, because the earth’s orbit – almost the right circle. The orbit of Mars is elliptical, and the speed of the planet around the Sun is uneven.

Colonists on the red planet will have to get used to the fact that spring in the southern and Northern hemispheres of Mars lasts differently. However, as and all the rest seasons. Northern spring and summer on Mars are long and cold, but southern – short and, by Martian standards, warm. If we consider the beginning of spring the usual vernal equinox, then on Mars this event will happen on March 23, 2019 (in our time).

Climatic spring

Even among meteorologists there is the concept of climatic spring – it is considered to have come when the average daily temperature becomes above zero. Probably, for summer residents it is the most correct spring.

Spring is Here. Or Not Yet?

According to forecasts, the climatic spring this year will come only in the first decade of April.

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