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In The Kingdom Of Lilies: Features Of Interspecific Hybrids (Part 1)

In the International garden classification of lilies, section VIII includes interspecies lilies of some modern groups. Let’s meet the most popular members in this section. LA-hybrids Hybrids between Longoflorum and Asiatic are among the most promising and are called LA hybrids. They are unpretentious and stable, with large flowers of […]

In The Kingdom Of Lilies: Features Of Interspecific Hybrids (Part 2)

LO-hybrids LO hybrids were obtained from Longiflorum and Oriental hybrids. Varieties with a very pleasant aroma and funnel-shaped flowers are well propagated by division, perfectly tolerate the climate of the middle zone. Unfortunately, like many other hybrids, they suffer from fungal diseases. I will name several varieties. ‘Pink Heaven’ is […]

Planting Lilies in the Garden: Where, How, When And What to Plant

When choosing a Lily, its name is a secondary matter, the key is the group to which this or that variety belongs. Belonging to a certain group and dictates the specifics of agricultural technology. Knowing which group the variety belongs to, you can understand what requirements it imposes on the […]

Classification of Lilies. Features of Hybrids. (Part 2)

Modern groups of lilies Asian, Oriental, Tubular and long-Flowered hybrids have become the main genetic material for modern groups of lilies. The presence in the pedigree of new varieties of genes of a basic group largely determines the features of growing lilies and care for them. Therefore, first you should […]

Lilies: Choose the Right Variety and Prepare for Landing (Part 2)

Asian hybrids They are loved by many growers who appreciated the unpretentiousness of the lilies of this group. For residents of the Northern regions, the frost resistance of “Asians” is especially valuable, the bulbs of which even in a snowless winter do not need additional shelters and are able to […]

Lilies: Choose the Right Variety and Prepare for Landing (Part 1)

August and September are the right time for planting lilies. So, now you should think about the choice of planting material and decide on the placement of new products in the garden. Should I buy sprouted bulbs? Is it possible to plant sprouted lilies in autumn? And what happens if […]