My Oriental Beauty-Lily ‘Stargazer’

This is one of my favorite varieties of lilies, and every time I stubbornly buy new bulbs, losing the old ones. And this, unfortunately, happens regularly: eastern hybrids of lilies are much more demanding than Asian ones, they tolerate a bad climate worse and, it seems, from the point of view of rodents, much tastier 🙂

This year I’m trying to get “spare” bulbs by growing them from scales. However, here my exotic guest behaves differently than her Asian relatives: the bulbs are formed, but in much smaller quantities, and they develop much more slowly. However, this lily blooms much later than the others…

My Oriental Beauty-Lily 'Stargazer'

I think you will agree with me: for the sake of such beauty, you can forgive a demanding and capricious nature, she has the right to do so)))

In addition to large bright flowers of expressive color, this variety of lilies has a pleasant aroma. However, this summer, for some reason, I did not really catch it. Maybe the weather is bad? I do not know, I can not explain, because usually a rich, thick fragrance surrounds the flowers and is felt even at a distance…

I can’t imagine my garden without this gorgeous beauty and I really hope that she will live in a new place for a long time!

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