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Why Thuja Turns Yellow: Reasons And What To Do

Thuja has thoroughly “registered” in many gardens. Successful compositions with the participation of different species of this plant were observed by designers in European parks and private estates, where this wonderful conifer settled back in the XVI century. As a rule, varieties of Thuja occidentalis are planted, but there are […]

How To Process An Orchard Without Chemicals. Biosecurity Program From April To October

Very often at conferences and seminars attended by owners of household farms, summer residents and Amateur gardeners, the question is: is it possible to grow Apple trees, pears, cherries, plums without the use of chemical plant protection products? Doubts about a positive solution to the issue are understandable, since recently […]

10 of the Earliest Pests: How Not To Miss the First Treatment of the Garden

Spring! At this time, awakens all living things, regardless of human preferences. And if the flowering of greenery and chirping birds summer residents are happy, the appearance of awakened garden pests — definitely not. Unfortunately, rarely who can be administered for their fruit trees and shrubs. As a rule, without […]